Your Blue’s Ain’t like Mine by BeBe Moore Campbell

In the novel “Your Blue’s Ain’t like Mine” the author BeBe Moore Campbell illustrates the impact of the killing of a young black man visiting his grandmother in Mississippi during the early civil rights era. This novel illuminates the division of race, family, and class in America from the 1950’s to the 1980’s. Characters such as Lily Cox, Floyd Cox, ,and Delotha are the main characters and it is clear to see how the murder affected their lives, but not analyzing the minor characters as well is missing out on much of Moore’s powerful writing. Many minor characters in the novel, alive or dead, play a major part in the community and the lives of other major characters in the novel.

To begin with the characters that are alive in the novel who are not mentioned very often but still play a major role, there are several. It seemed to be a domino effect of how events occurred and the way it effected one character which in return effected the next. After Todd Armstrongs death, Delotha his mother, was very distraught. She even thought about seeking vengeance but did not follow through.She pretended to move on as she desperately replaces him with another son, W.T. W.T. is a minor character but he has a great influence on Delotha who clearly is still in mourning of Todd. She feels that she did not protect him or give him everything he deserved before he was murdered so she tries to make up for it by spoiling W.T. and over protecting him. She even goes as far as calling him Armstrong, the name of her deceased son. The death of a child affects relationships through the whole family, and studies show that it is not easy to overcome. “When anyone we love dies our lives are changed; things we had planned will no longer be the same. The death of a child is often the least expected death, and the ongoing effect upon the remaining family can seem endless. One of the commonest things I hear said is: You don’t expect to attend the fune…

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