Ydra representative figures of the island of Ydra.

Ydra Island

Ydra is one of the most impressive islands in the Argo Saronic Gulf, perhaps the most beautiful port village in all of Greece. Located in the Saronic Gulf and very close to Athens, Ydra is a very popular choice for a summer weekend destination. The town itself is built on the slopes of a hill around a port and impresses visitors at first sight with the elegant stone mansions. One of the characteristics of the island is that no cars or scooters are allowed. Transportation on the island is done by donkeys, horses and water taxis which you can find them at the port itself. In fact, the donkeys are very representative figures of the island of Ydra. Beaches on the island are actually small coves with crystal clear water and green surroundings. Agios Nikolaos, Bitsi, Vlichos and Kaminia are the most beautiful beaches on the island all of them providing amazing spots under the hot Greek sun.

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Our boat will stop here for 2 hours where you can enjoy the beautiful city center with its shops, visit the Historical Archive Museum of Hydra, ride the donkey through the village or take the water taxis to the island’s beaches.

Bars and restaurants are located very near to the port giving you a mesmerizing view of the Gulf and offering great choices of food and drinks.


Spilia beach- close to the harbour, Spilia is a beautiful rocky area with deep blue water which is ideal for diving. Rocks on this beach can be used for sunbathing.

Hydronetta- this beach is located under the cannons and on the rocks making it very beautiful. You can sunbathe on the cemented rocks and deep dive as well.

Avlaki- this small beach is fantastic at night time as it is offering an amazing natural light show due the minerals in the pebbles that glow when it is pitch black. Blue-green water will wait for you to take a swim into it.

All the above-mentioned beaches are in close proximity, being accessible by foot with the port only a few minutes away.

Kaminia- this small natural port is full of fishing boats and next to it there is Small Kamini which is a beautiful small pebbled beach making it ideal for children and sea games.

Agios Nikolaos is on the south-west part of the Hydra island, being located 30min ride by boat taxis from the port. Hidden inside a cove, the beach is perfectly protected from the weather and sea currents. Blue crystal clear waters and thin pebbles and sand will wait for you.

Vlichos beach -a small true beach of Hydra is a small pebble beach with crystal clear waters. The beach is very quiet and can be reached by a 40 minutes walk from the harbour or with a taxi boat.


Bisti beach- this is a small pebble beach surrounded by tall rocks and sweet-smelling pine trees where guests can dive into the crystal clear waters. The beach is reachable in 30 min ride by taxi boat from the port.