Writing My College Essay

My college essay did not start as smoothly as I intended. I envisioned writing down a flawless essay and putting it on my college applications a week or two later. How hard could it possibly be to write about myself? Hard enough.My first draft aimed to answer a common app prompt: how I experienced failure and overcame it. I wrote about my driving tests and my experiences with them, and while I believe the story itself was nice enough, the essay, well, failed to describe how I overcame the failure. Several of my friends and classmates mentioned it, as did Ms. Van Spankeren. After discarding my first draft, I realized I had no idea on what to write about next.

My life was interesting enough, but I was not sure how to show college admissions staff the real part of me without seeming too informal. A few of my friends let me read their college essays to give me ideas, and my friend Lorien’s paper actually inspired the second draft. In Lorien’s paper, she speaks about a personal part of her life, how she created an entire person in her writing to escape the loneliness of homeschooling. After reading her paper, I knew that if she could talk about such a personal topic, I could as well. When I came home later that night, I just started typing about the first idea that happened to come to mind: my height. While it is no secret that I am not exactly short, I do not often reveal my actual thoughts on the matter. I believe my life would be completely different without my height, and I wanted to reflect on major occurrences and soul-searching the extra inches gave me. I draw my readers in with my introduction on common questions people actually asked me. I wanted to introduce my thoughts and the matter and inform my readers that I do not despise my height, as I have learned a lot from being tall. Throughout the essay, I describe how I grew from sticking to the status quo, trying to please everyone, to finally breaking free and letting my tru…

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