Writing is Like Basketball

At the beginning of every basketball season, at least for me, we start with conditioning. Closing out our break is a week long of nothing but running. Every morning and night we condition for ninety minutes. Of course, most of us are far out of shape because we did not spend our offseason keeping ourselves in tip top shape. Just like writing going long periods of time away from it you begin to lose your touch. You are not as familiar with it and perhaps not quite as good as you once were. With running the more, you run the faster you get and the longer you can run. Writing is similar in both ways. Much like running with writing the more you write the faster you get and the longer you can write. You develop a form of endurance just like running. Breaks are not needed near as often or near as long. Similar to conditioning as you progress through the week the better you get. Your stamina gets better and better, and you become faster and faster with every session.

One of my all time favorite quotes is hard work beats talent when talent doesn?t work hard. There are several sayings much like this one, and most of us would agree that they are very much true. All of these phrases apply not only to basketball but to writing as well. You can have all the talent in the world. But if you do not work hard and hone in on your skills you will not be the best you can be. You will simply be wasting all of your talents and getting nowhere. Even the greatest of people like Mozart had to practice. It is important that you practice and work to get better every day. Also, having the right attitude or mindset is important in both writing and basketball. If you come into a game with a bad attitude it will not only bring you down but your team as well. They will start to develop a bad attitude too and in turn, will affect how you and your team plays. With writing, a bad attitude can hurt your piece. Your writing will probably not be up to par. Having the rig…

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