Writing Effective Papers

Every writer, author, publisher and politician have their own point of view on how writing should be done. Most writings are difficult, and confusing because writers use big vocabulary, metaphors, and long paragraphs. George Orwell’s “Politics and the English Language” state that writing should be simple by using vocabulary that every reader could understand. Will Self ”why Orwell was a literary mediocrity” disagree with Orwell and think that every writer should write differently.

Most people including myself will go with Orwell’s idea and take advantage of it because many of us are immigrants and English is a second language. When reading articles or books with big vocabulary words we have a hard time understanding the whole point or the whole message because big vocabulary or metaphors are used. When I came to this country, I didn’t know any English.Where I am from we read and spoke French at school. We had to read a journal and write about it but with the little English I knew I couldn’t read the journal and understand it because of the use of words that I had no idea about. But when my esl teacher read the story to me using simple words I understood the journal and didn’t have any trouble writing about it.Willself also has a great point about writers making their writing different from another or using big words in a way that they can sound educated or intelligent.

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Many politicians running for elections don’t use simple words, short sentences or put things on plain writing because they want to sound educated and by sounding educated, even though many won’t understand what they are saying, but believe it or not many will vote for that candidate because they believe they are smart and they are the right candidate. My dad was planning on voting for Ben Carson, who is one of the republican candidates running for president for the 2016 election. Ben Carson sounded educated during all of his interviews and my dad…