Writing an English Essay with Less Chinese Influence

For students everywhere, it has become vitally important to know how to write a good essay. However, as an international student, writing in my mother language, Chinese, is not easy; writing in English becomes harder. Nowadays, even though it seems to be easier and more convenient to translate Chinese to English with some computer technology, it’s still difficult to write a good English essay for many Chinese students. In fact, although these two languages share some common ground and are similar in many aspects, they differ significantly and have fundamental differences. In order to write a good English essay, one should notice their similarities and pay more attention to their differences.

Speaking of their similarities, both English and Chinese are used by large groups of people all over the world. Also these two languages have a long history and a significant influence to their cultures. In addition, they share some similar styles and formats in writing an essay, especially after China’s Vernacular Movement in 1919. Since then, Chinese writing have learned a lot from English writing and developed a brand-new writing styles and formats. Like English, modern Chinese writing is written from left to right, and two-character space is needed before starting every new paragraph. Also, punctuation was introduced in Chinese writing; we have almost the same punctuation marks as English. Besides, similar to English, we use “subject + verb.+ object” order in sentences. And most of all, the purpose of writing an essay either in English or in Chinese is the same : that is  to express author’s ideas and make them clear and persuasive to its readers. However, although English and Chinese share bunches of similarities, they are differing from each other in many ways since they have developed and evolved in two very different cultures and traditions.

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First of all, comparing both English and Chinese essay organization, we notice their diffe…