Womens what a wife is through a husband’s

Womens rights have been a controversial topic throughout The United States for centuries. As I read Judy Brady’s article word for word, Womens roles come into play and seem to take over majority of the essay. The article talks about the position of a wife, what is expected from a wife, and what the duties of a wife are. The way I see it is that Judy Brady is writing to both women and men whom are married. This can be distinguished by the way the expectations of a wife in a marriage are expressed. She doesn’t necessarily write just for married couples, she also writes to men and women in general. In the first couple of paragraphs she establishes her credibility. “I belong to that classification of people known as wives. I am A Wife, not altogether incidentally, I am a mother”(first paragraph). The fact that not only is she a wife she also seems to have a lot of knowledge and understanding of the topic, this lets me know that she really is serious on arguing about her subject. I believe that the purpose of this article is that women are expected to do too much and not get enough credit for what they do. This isn’t so clear throughout the article but her references have been expressed by exposing the role of women and referring to how they are portrayed and treated.  Judy brady wants women to stop acting as servants, her constant phrase “I want a wife to…” Creates this idea of some sort of command towards women from men, which in turn might encourage people to take action and see what is actually, going on. The reason she wants people to understand the roles of women might be because she doesn’t think it’s fair that something is always expected out of women and it isn’t seen as such of a big deal to men. Brady determines and explains what a wife is through a husband’s point of view. Brady connects herself with what she believes by using sarcasm to explain to us, and to make a very strong piece of influential writing with the purpose to show how men see their wives. This conclusion is very emotional towards the argument, and it indicates that women are under too much stress. Brady demonstrates how wives are being treated unfairly and that they are being asked for too much by their significant other. She wants to discourage men from abusing their wives on a daily basis, not physical abuse but mental abuse by the way they are treated. Brady also encourages women who are unaware of such abuses to step up and take some actions it isn’t fair to women who live life day to day pleasing someone who doesn’t value their hard work and dedication. Many women are also unaware of what things they are doing wrong because they are accustomed to believe that everything that they are doing is right. By reading this essay, women can stop and think about their life thoroughly and figure out if their husbands demand too much from them in terms of their duties as a wife, and if they are being appreciated for what they do as well as being given a choice.  Judy Brady uses simple words which are very effective in expressing her views, she clearly argues for women’s rights and for people to open their eyes and realize what is going on. She argues that husbands require too much from their wives and points out that it should be avoided which brings you straight forward to the topic of the inequality of men and women. When reading her article, she wants people to take action, she wants people to get angry at the fact of how women as wives are being treated. All that knowledge of what the wife roles are does not come from anywhere, she must have experienced it herself to know what the roles of women are. She lists numerous demands that are expected from a wife and seems to be angry because of that. Judy brady is considered successful because she got her point across and had people actually interested and listening to her. Judy put herself in a male position so she could interpret and have a personal point of view of what females go through. She stated facts and norms that a male figure in committed relationships fail to see. The fact that she uses a husband’s point of view It puts a picture in my mind when she lists the things that she would want a wife to do and what is expected, it’s not hard for me to understand the point that she is making since she covers everything with detail and it could be easily pictured in one’s head.