With already. Augustus family tree became more complicated

With Caesar dead people are wondering who will become king. So I believe it will be his adopted son Augustus otherwise named Octavian. So now Augustus Is the first Roman Emperor even though he does not claim it. Augustus brought Rome from a republic to an Empire. In fact quite a big one. Historians date the start of Octavian’s monarchy to either 31 BC or 27 BC, when he was given the name Augustus. In that four year period, Octavian strengthened his rule on multiple stands. He used Cleopatra’s saved treasure to pay his soldiers, keeping them fighting and being loyal. To lessen Rome’s Senate and ruling classes, he passed laws that weren’t wanted and people fought back. At least on the top of the traditions of the Roman Republic. And to defeat the people, he worked to improve and beautify the city of Rome. During his 40 years ruling, Augustus nearly doubled the size of Rome, claimed provinces in Europe and Asia Minor and ensuring alliances that allowed him to have effective rule from Britain all the way to India. He spent a lot of his time outside of Rome, gaining power in the provinces and creating a system of enumeration and tariff that integrated the empire’s furthest reaches. He expanded the Roman network of roads, founded the Praetorian Guard and the Roman postal service and remade Rome with both grand (a new forum) and practical gestures (police and fire departments). Also during his ruling he invented a very useful financial system. This was a big part in Rome’s success. In Augustus’s later life he changed the looks of Rome by building large sculptures and buildings.  Augustus married three times. His first marriage to Clodia Pulchra. His second wife Scribonia who he bore his only child Julia the elder. In 39BC he divorced Scribonia to marry his third wife Livia Drusilla who had two sons already. Augustus family tree became more complicated when his stepson Tiberius briefly married his daughter. He then adopted Tiberius as a son and successor