Wise Men in Their Bad Hours

A piece of paper lies faced up in Christopher McCandless’ journal; it reads, “Wise Men in Their Bad Hour.” A poem written by Robinson Jeffers that had been quoted by Louis L’Amour’s memoir. On the other side of the paper McCandless wrote his final goodbye knowing someday it would reach to people that cared the most for him. This side read, “I have had a happy life and thank the lord. Goodbye and may god bless all.” Only a few days after his last words, Christopher McCandless, who once was a straight A student at Emory University but gave it all up for an american adventure, died from starvation. Some would argue he was crazy, some would say he’s brave. “Why would someone so intelligent lack so much common sense?” “Why aren’t more people in this world like Christopher Mccandless?” There are many opinions that one could have on Mccandless and his decision to take a different route than most in life, but for me, he was brave. Mccandless was brave but he could have been smarter. It seems that he thought he knew what he was doing, even though he was not sure where he would end up, but he lacked a lot of knowledge that potentially was the reason for his death. His idea was brave but some of the decisions that he made, one could say, made him crazy.

Chris’ intelligent appears when his childhood is first talked about in Chapter Eleven. “In third grade, after receiving a high score on a standardized achievement test, Chris was placed in an accelerated program for gifted students. “He wasn’t happy about it,” Billie remembers.” (page 106) This quote is proving thatMcCandless was an exceptionally smart person but for some reason had the desire to fit into a normal category. This doesn’t make him crazy or suicidal. This makes him humble.

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Also in Chapter Eleven a quote that most people are familiar, said by Henry Thoreau, was related back to Chris. “His teacher pulled as aside and told us that ‘Chris marches…