Willy Loman and Oedipus the King

Although Willy Loman and Oedipus are from different eras and social classes they are very similar in their fates and what life has in store for them. They both have different goals in life, but those goals meet a similar end. They have many of the same qualities and flaws about them.

Willy and Oedipus are similar in a few ways but also different in many. Willy is just an everyday man living in Brooklyn, New York in the 1940’s with his wife, Linda, and two kids Happy and Biff. He wants nothing but success for himself and his kids. But when he is not as successful as he wants to be he puts that pressure on Biff, his oldest son, to become what he has not. Willy lives in the past. He reminisces over all of the good things in life and stays blind to what is really happening. Throughout the story he has flashbacks of when his kids were younger and his brother who was much more successful than himself. He tried to make it out that he is more successful than he actually is. He wanted people know him as someone who has accomplished many more things in life than he actually has. He is just an average man with struggles just like everyone else. Willy is not capable of accepting his reality and that is what finally leads him to purposely crashing his car and killing himself.

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Oedipus was unknowingly born the Prince of Thebes. When he was born his parents tried to leave him somewhere to die because they feared he would fulfill the prophecy of him killing his father and marrying his mother, but a shepherd found him and raised him in the city of Corinth. When he is older the oracle at Delphi tells him his fate, but he refuses to believe it. He returns to the city of Thebes, where on the way he kills someone who he thinks is just a poor man. That man happened to be his father. When he arrives at Thebes he learns the king has been killed and the people want him to be the king. He marries a woman named Jocosta, which he does not know is his mother. W…