Why I Went to the Woods and Two Paintings

People live life without thinking what might happen next or what will they do; some people want to live their lives not being alone and living normaland some wish to remove themselves from normal life so that they would not have to spend much time supporting a lifestyle that theydid not need or care about. In the essay “Why I Went to the Woods ” by Henry David Thoreau, the authorremoves himself from the normal life and goesinto the woods where he could live in his cabin , be alone and write.Justlike in the artwork “Happiness” or ” Looking upwards” by Aldo Carpi, wherethe artist shows through his artwork how it looks to be alone. BothHenry David Thoreauand Aldo Carpishows this image through different ways.Henry David Thoreauis showing through his skills of writing and Aldo Carpi is showing through his artwork of why they went to the woods.

The painting depicts a male figure, who bears a close resemblance to the artist himself, in the open countryside. The man is sitting on the grass with a hat and book on the ground next to him, and looking up at the sky ,on the left, a white farmhouse lies half-hidden amidst the greenery. The theme calls attention to the desire to escape from the present and seek safetyinother dimension. Carpi was not just a painter, he was an Italian artist, painter and writer, author of a collection of history concerning his imprisonment in the infamous Mauthausen-Gusen concentration camp. ”Carpifought as a volunteer in World War I from which he returned deeply scarred, developing a certain aversion to city and social life, and a profound love ofnature.” While maintaining its independent research, expressed in large religious compositions, historical, landscapes and portraits, and drawings that dramatically reflect his experiences of the First World War and the prison camps of Mauthausen and Gusen.  In this painting the coloris applied with broad brushstrokes and …

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