Where is the Bravery?

Okonkwo comes from a tribe known for being, “the land of the brave,”(2744). Thus being said, one would assume that he would always act as such, a brave man. Sadly, that is not the case following the events of Ezeudu’s funeral. Ezeudu was known as a great man, having three titles and being the oldest member of Umuofia. His funeral had a rather large gathering, the egwugwu were even in attendance paying their respects to the dead. During the loudest part of his funeral the crowd that was gathered started jumping and shooting off their weapons, not unusual at Umuofia funerals. Then, “…as if a spell had been cast. All was silent,”(2745). The silence was due to Okonkwo’s gun misfiring, yet again, and killing Ezeudu’s youngest son. The death of a clansman by the hands, or in this case the inadequate weapon, of another clansman is a crime against the earth. The death was an accident, but that mattered none. Okonkwo ran to his compound gathered the necessities, his wives, and children then, doing the only thing he could, retreated to Mbanta, his motherland. Umuofia’s clansmen, in order to cleanse the earth of the crime, burned, killed and destroyed all of Okonkwo’s property. As well as stripping him of all rank and title, something he strove for all his life. These events all because he could not keep his gun in order the same way he did his women. Unlucky enough for him, he could not beat an object into submission and obedience. Okonkwo was known for being a great warrior, no thanks to his firing arm presumably, but there was no reason to believe he was anything less of a strong and fearless warrior. His ranking and earned titles proved his greatness.

So, why is it that a man such as Okonkwo would be shamed so deep that he would act as if he were no longer than man he once was? Do things not just happen? They believe in divine powers, and pray to them, yet Okonkwo finds no comfort. Is Okonkwo not seeking forgiveness or retribution? What hap…

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