When Animals Rule – Animal Farm

A tranquil, quiet farm located on the rolling country side of England has grabbed the attention of the nation. Why you may ask? Marcus Graham has the report from Moses the Raven’s firsthand knowledge. Manor Farm is no more, in its stead is ‘Animal Farm’ which came to be through a tumultuous sequence of events. Sources confirm that, yes, Manor Farm was taken control of by the farm animals!

“It was crazy, they just attacked, drove myself and my men out the front gate. They were ruthless, vicious and driven” said Mr. Jones, owner of Manor Farm. He felt they were rebelling in a way similar to the Russian peasants.

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Mr. Pilkington (Fox Wood Farm) said he’s never heard of such behaviour from farm animals.

In the weeks leading up to the attack an apparent ‘animal gathering’ was held in ‘The Barn’. The uprising was headed by the Prized Boar, Old Major (Willingdon Beauty). He unfortunately now perished due to his old age. He shall be forever remembered in the animal’s hearts, but as an instigator in the minds of humans.

Talk of a rebellion was sparked, revealing Man was to be exiled from the farm and animals were to roam free.

“Comrades, all the evils of this life of ours spring from the tyranny of human beings”, said Old Major, as he conveyed his concerns and undying hatred of the human race to his fellow Comrades/ Farm Animals.

Could we humans – the superior race – be under the attack by farm animals?!

An Ideal was constructed by the brains of the bunch- the pigs- known as Animalism. So the genesis of a rebellion was born upon Manor Farm, based on the idea ‘Man is evil’. Much debate has been sparked over the rebellion and the likelihood of its success.

“They all follow the same ‘7 commandments’, it’s there way of life, what they must abide by to be useful and happy in their day to day lives. Break the rules and death will fall upon you,” an anonymous source states.

Pictured by Anastasia Bull. Sn…