Want password at regular intervals. Generally, Gmail is

Want to know how to change your
Gmail password? You have come to the right place.

Hackers are hungry for passwords.
To avoid the risk of hacking, change your password at regular intervals.
Generally, Gmail is the premier source people approach when it comes to
creating a mail id for the first time. Then after roaming to every nook and corner,
people think of changing their password.

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Consequently, change your
passwords every once in a while to keep your email safe and secure. Gmail Support Contact is doing their
best to provide you with the best by keeping your passcode safe and listening
to your queries and providing a one-stop solution for it.

1.        Open
your web browser and log in to www.gmail.com

2.        Visit
Gmail account and enter your login id and passcode.

3.        Look
up to the gear icon on the top right and click it.

4.        Click
on settings in the drop-down menu bar and then go to accounts and import tab.

5.        Click
to change the password in the change account settings.

6.        Then,
enter the new one and repeat the same to confirm your identity.


This is the way to change your
password in a very fluent and effective manner. If you do not have a computer
or a laptop then need not worry. It is not necessary to get your password
changed on your PC only but you can get it done on your android device too. You
need to travel a short path to change it through your android gadget.

1.        Move
to settings in your menu and select “accounts”.

2.        Tap
to “Google” to go to your Gmail account.

3.        Select
the “Menu” icon located at the upper-right corner of the screen.

4.        Move
to the option “Sync now” and tap it.

5.        A
notification will pop-up into your screen indicating “Account Action Required”.
Select the notification and swipe it down.

6.        You
will be walked to enter your new password.


Keep your password strong and easy
to learn. Initiate to enter special characters in that field along with the
words to make it more guarded.


Otherwise, you can take help from Gmail Support Number who have
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