Vulnerability in Like Water for Chocolate and The Scarlet Ibis

Vulnerability lies in the core of every human being. The comparison of the literary works Like Water For Chocolate and Scarlet Ibis reveals this vulnerability in protagonists Tita De La Garza and Doodle. The comparisons between the two written pieces prove the negative effect of susceptibility in different situations, time periods, and cultures. By reason of susceptibility, there are similar outcomes in both stories. Mama Elena and Brother forced their disciplined nature on Tita and Doodle leading them towards their death. Sometimes, the negative demeanors of certain figures will remain inexplicable, but will bring out vitality in others

Being the youngest family members, Tita and Doodle were manipulated into diligently following the rules and traditions that were assigned to their lifestyle from the inauguration. Through both stories, preset family traditions assigned to the protagonists forced a tough and monotonous life upon the protagonists. Mama Elena compelled a very ancient family tradition upon her life that declared she is never allowed to marry as the youngest daughter in the family. Having a very strict mother made it very difficult for Tita to defend her own lifestyle as it derived an increasing level of anger that caused Mama Elena to execute grim actions. “You don’t have an opinion For generations, not a single person in my family has ever questioned this tradition, and no daughter of mine is going to be the one to start” (Like Water, 11). Mama Elena’s approach as a mother was to make all decision for her daughters, as she was very regulating.

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Similarly, Doodle was never able to make his own decisions since Brother’s domineering character made Doodle defenseless. Everything that Doodle did was defined by the decision of his older brother who is known as the overbearing figure in his life. It was seen very often that Brother would constantly be controlling what Doodle was doing, how he was doing it, and even when he w…