Vietnamese Youth and Globalization

?Vietnam is on its way of developing, getting closer to its dream goal: being a superpower on a worldwide scale. This is happening thanks to the enormous contribution and devotion from many generations to their homeland, including the Vietnamese youth. Being recognized as the main factor that shapes the country’s future, Vietnamese youth has helped define and ensure the position of Vietnam in the international market. We have rights to be proud that our country has produced births of not only intellectual and knowledgeable young talents, but also dedicated and compassionate ones, who are ready to give it all for their beloved nation. But that may become an ancient pride as we are facing an inextricable problem: there are parts of youth nowadays who are recklessly living and being irresponsible to their lives; they cannot perceive their duties, declare their roles in the society and to the country. This essay is written with the purpose of clarifying and insisting on the two major roles of the Vietnamese youth: they are the presenters and the deliverers in whose hands hold the Vietnam nation’s future.

To kick off, we will discuss about their first role: presenters. By means of presenters, they are people who promote the country’s image and beauty to foreigners, display the notable features of Vietnamese culture to the world. There have been a quite number of responses going on about the Vietnamese youth becoming the country’s presenters. Some people agree with this and saying that it is a proper choice to let the Vietnamese youth do so; but others seem to disagree with such decision and demand for explanations. To meet their requirements, many researches and analyses have been conducted to eventually point out the main reason that Vietnamese youth should be in charge of representing their nation: it’s because of their potentials. Undeniably, young generations get lots of concern and investigation from their families, the soc…

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