Urinary quick sign to tell that a UTI

Urinary Tract Infections are basically excess inflammation which turns into an infection in the urinary system, the bladder, kidneys and urethra, because of our anatomy women are more likely to get a UTI than men. What else do we have to go through…right? Being in the medical field I get presented with symptoms of UTI on a daily basis, I would say about 2-4 of my patients a day, no matter the age.  In fact if you are postmenopausal your chances of getting a UTI actually increases…who knew?Here are the 5 signs I tell all my patients to look for in regards to a UTI:1.) Having to go to the bathroom ASAP- thinking about having to pee even though you just went to the bathroom? Thats a big sign of UTI, what happens is the bacteria starts to irritate your bladder lining and urethra making you think you have to pee all the time!2.) Your Urine SMELLS- Usually a pungent smell after you have gone to the bathroom is a big sign of a UTI.  Even though there are foods that can cause your urine to smell…like the all so great asparagus! After going to the bathroom a couple of times and the smell still lingers along with your urine being cloudy, I would reach out to your local MD.3.) The most obvious symptom is burning or pain when you pee- that is basically the bacteria in the urethra and or bladder. Remember if this is the case, try to drink as much water as soon as possible.  It flushes out the bacteria and can help stop a full blown UTI from growing.4.) Frequent bathroom trips don’t help- Here is how a UTI works…it makes you think you have a full bladder but in all reality you don’t.  If trips to the bathroom bring you no relief thats a quick sign to tell that a UTI is in full affect.5.) Last but not least cloudy or a color change in your urine-  believe it or not our urine says a lot about our body including an infection.  Keep in mind if its not clear or yellow urine you should be slightly worried.  If you have a red/brown urine or its very cloudy those are definite signs of an infection, however, keep in mind to remember what you ate prior, sometimes what we eat changes our urine color, if it is still persistent after 24-48 hours I would reach out to your local medical practitioner.With these 5 signs and symptoms there comes treatment.  Below are the top 4 home remedies to do when you suspect a UTI:1.) Drink Water- As stated prior drinking water helps flush out the bacteria from your Urinary Tract and Bladder2.) Take a Probiotic- A favorite of mine is Jarrow’s Femdophilus, probiotics are supportive in regards to digestive and immune health but can also be supportive in regards to a UTI.  Probiotics can help bring back your good bacteria to life :-)3.) Cranberries, cranberries, cranberries..did I say cranberries? Keep in mind to try unsweetened cranberry juice as other sweetened cranberry juice can be high in sugar which an infection feeds on, or try taking a cranberry supplement with D Mannose.  A key ingredient in cranberries can support the Urinary Tract and help prevent a UTI.4.) Vitamin C- We all know that vitamin C can help support your immune system, therefore taking high amounts of vitamin c can help your body being to fight that UTI from happening!UTI’s are so common but hidden by many women in fear that something is wrong with them, if you feel any of these symptoms it okay to talk about it, you have this one body, take care of it the best you can!