Two Sides of the Same Coin

The two hearts I choose to compare and contrast are Perseus and Hercules. These two are the same in many ways including their sex, their status as gods, and their taste for violence. Both of these demigods have a significant amount in common, but they also have just as many differences. Take for example Hercules was a man, while Perseus was just beginning his life when he started his adventure. The way these two went about fighting is also vastly different. Tactics were not the same between both of these demigods. Hercules used his brut force and strength, while Perseus managed to win his battles with wits and quick thinking. Although Hercules was the strongest man in the world I believe Perseus was more of a hero.

First let us examine why they are both considered hero’s. For their time these two were the prime example of what a hero is. Heroes slayed mighty beast and had a slew of accomplishments under their belt. In today’s world these two would not be considered heroes interestingly enough. Society today would rather crown men who are women as heroes, but I digress. One of the many things these two have in common is their commitment to violence. Hercules and Perseus was revered for their strength and courage in the face of violence. Slaying mighty beast was all in a day’s job. Hercules slayed hydra effortlessly while Perseus did the same to Medusa. They even wore their victories like trophies like Hercules with the lion’s skin and Perseus with Medusas head. For the time it makes sense why this would be the case. War and conquest was ramped during these times and only the strongest survived. Glorifying these acts made warriors of the youth the stories were being told to.

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Secondly, let us examine why these two have differences. If the young only knew stories of how brutality made a hero, what would happen? Would there not be a copious amount of kids trying to succeed in a single way. Hercules and Perseus differ in their ta…