Trolling the Internet

“Perhaps, one may be a victim of the internet trolling, nor yet!” This simply depends on the individual behavior way to react. In the late 80s, when people used Internet at first, they often had stupid questions or made deliberate mistakes, and one had tried to respond or to correct them. They see that amount of user would raise to care about that, it made them feel more excited. Gradually, trolling established on the internet. With strongly internet development, now you easily receive, share facts, ideas, and opinions by social networks such as, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, etc. You, who is most likely a regular internet user, has probably been attacked by trolls, and trolls often use shock value such as swear words or slang put-downs to promote you into getting angry or responding. Therefore, how we can solve the problem of trolling on the Internet?Following are several ways to protect our life from trolls and how to use these ways in the future when dealing with trolls effectively.

In the recent years, social networking is a part of everyday life and has brought positive changes in communication between people. People can express themselves, post their comments, or share their vulnerable story on social networking sites. Because of this, they easily become a victim’s target to a troll. Trolling can generally be understood as the posting of inflammatory, controversial, or extraneous messages in an attempt to provoke others into an emotional response. Trolls increasingly appear anywhere on the internet. Trolls can even strongly influence your life outside of the internet. Now, I will tell a real story about how trolls affect on personal lives. Fareed Zakaria is a famous CNN journalist, and recently he was a troll’s victim. His story begins when an obscure website published a post titled “CNN host Fareed Zakaria calls for jihad rape of white women”. He urges the use of American women as “sex slaves” to depopulate th…

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