Traffic much worse could it have been if

Traffic management in Metro Manila is quite poor.
Bases on my experiences, as time passes by, traffic in Metro Manila is getting
worse. A drive in the morning, from my house, Macopa corner Banawe, to
Philippines Institute of Quezon City(PIQC), used to take only up to 5 minutes.
Now, it would take at least 10 minutes to get to school. The difference of the
time consumed while travelling was doubled. How much worse could it have been
if my house was father away.


There are a lot of different causes of traffic
congestion here in Metro Manila. The population in the Philippines have been
rapidly increasing. Since the population is getting high, more people needs to
get a job. High employment means more people needs to go to work. And working
usually requires travelling from one place to another that contributes also to
traffic. A lot of people also wants a flashy lifestyle, so they would buy more
cars to impress and cause more traffic. The lack of discipline of the people
living in Metro Manila contributes a lot to traffic congestion. People throw
their trashes everywhere leading to clogged sewages. So when it rains, flood
appears and traffic occurs. A lot of people also illegally park their cars or
vehicles which leads to the narrowing of the road for other vehicles to pass
by. Vehicles changing lanes, jaywalkers, illegal, and illegally loading terminals
may lead to vehicular accidents, slowing the traffic more. There are a lot of
vendors on the sidewalks creating less spaces for people and vehicles to pass
through. There is no such place that could handle a massive volume of vehicles.
A place full of vehicles leads to a snail pace traffic. Ineffective services of
transportation also lead to traffic. Jeepneys and buses unload and load people
anywhere, sometimes even in the middle of the street. MRT and LRT trains are
not enough to accommodate the number of people who needs a ride. The traffic
control management is poor. Though there are stop lights, and traffic officers,
they do not seem to control much of the traffic.

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There are a lot of different effects of traffic
congestions. Some people who get stuck in traffic often feel stressed out. People
who feel stress also feels fatigue. Being stuck in traffic also disrupts
corporate activities such as shipping, receiving, logistics and distribution,
client meetings and other business activities. Massive traffic also leads to massive
air pollution. Inhalation of the pollution in the air may lead to several
sicknesses such as bronchitis, asthma, and emphysema. Being stuck in traffic
also gives other people less time to sleep. Commuting and sleeping isn’t as
easy as it sounds. You might be in danger if you sleep while commuting. Traffic
also often causes road rages. A lot of people are very impatient, so when they
get stuck in traffic, the will lash out to others. Also during in traffic, it
is hard for emergency vehicles like police cars and ambulances to pass through.
And this might affect the outcome of the problem that was meant to be solved.


Nothing is impossible so there are several solutions
for traffic congestions. People must follow traffic rules and regulations.
People should be disciplined to do the right thing. People should go to the
right loading and unloading bay to not block roads or any other passages.
People should use the footbridge instead of the car lanes in order to not
interfere with the cars and to avoid accidents. People should throw their garbage
in the proper places to avoid flooding and cause traffic. Bus stops should be
proper to avoid being a hindrance on the road. We should also declare Metro
Manila a no parking zone to widen the passage of vehicles. Also, improving mass
transportation would be a great help. Carpooling with Grab, Uber, or friends
may lessen the cars used on the road.  Old
vehicles should be phased out since they sometimes do not work properly and
they lead to pollution.


Since anything is possible, there is still hope for
the traffic management of Metro Manila to improve. It will just take time,
patience and discipline for all these to happen. Just keep hoping for the
betterment of the country. While we wait, we should also act on our own. Every
small step leads to a greater good.