To Kill A Mockingbird and Twelve Angry Men

Justice means moral rightness, and it is a quality of being just, fair, and reasonable. Especially in a court, justice plays an important role, because it shows fairness, just behavior or treatment, honesty, and objectivity. With “just” verdict, ‘innocent’ will be spared, and ‘guilty’ will be punished for what he/she has done. Moreover, a satisfying outcome in court can be resulted; satisfying outcome in court depends on many different factors, but ultimately, it comes down to fairness. The novel To Kill A Mockingbird and the play Twelve Angry Men deal with court trials and ‘justice’ and ‘fairness’plays a huge role. In Twelve Angry Men, an innocent person does not get convicted of murder since the twelve jurors fairly consider and vote that he did not commit the crime he was accused of. However, in To Kill A Mockingbird, Tom Robinson is an innocent man, but the jury in this story decides that Tom is guilty. In fact, Jury in To Kill A Mockingbird does not consider all the evidence only because Tom is black, which is not fair. Therefore, since the outcome ofTwelve Angry Men exemplifies justice and fairness, the Twelve Angry Men has more satisfying outcome than To Kill A Mockingbird’s outcome.

In Twelve Angry Men, jurors demonstrate objectivity and reasonableness, while the jurors in To Kill A Mockingbird do not. When the juror#4 takes out a knife which he believes the boy used to kill the boy’s father. Juror #4 says that the knife was the only one left in the store, so he claims it as a strong evidence. However, the juror#8 remains objective and states that it is possible for the boy to drop the knife on the ground and someone picked it and killed the boy’s father with that knife. With #8’s reasonable doubt and objectivity, he can convince another juror. Then, the juror #8 takes out the same knife from his pocket and shows it to other jurors. Indeed, the juror #8 strengthens his idea and make his doubt re…

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