Throughout in these years, the role of “work”

Throughout the world the nature of work has changed due to
economic conditions and social demands. Naturally, in previous years work was a
matter of necessity and survival. But in these years, the role of “work” and workforce
has changed. Now a days, work still is a necessity but it should be a source of
personal satisfaction as well. This particular report only covers work-life balanced issues
that actually practiced in the private sector, (Kazi farm Limited, Nandan Mega
shop and Agora). Here I mainly focused on all the employees of private sector.
The importance of the policies according to the employees view is also
mentioned here. Work-life balance survey-employees contain many types of
questions and policies such as Leave Arrangement, Parenting, Flexible Work
Arrangements, Additional Work Provisions, Formality of Policies and Experiences
of the Employees.

This project report has
shown that work life balance is an important factor that brings about employee
performance. The employee is productive by his ability to render a “come back
again services” to their customer and this is achieved when employee are
motivated by the various leave policy given to them by the organization. Here
I try to bring the scenario that how the Employees of private sector balance
their work and family life and all kind of work-life balanced issues. They feel
that although there are some limitations of their work life balance policy that
creates barrier and make it harder for them to balance their work life but they
also think that if the policies are review again and if the organization gives
them support they are able to balance their job and family life successfully.
Though the Human Resource Policy manual of these private companies have some
policies like leave, allowances, pay system etc. included for their human
asset. But separate work-life balance policy is not clearly written in their HR
policy manual.

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