Those to think things over. To regret, in

Those three letters that came together to form a word that never
meant anything good. A big act of mindless violence over
brashness, anger, hatred, or revenge. War had never brought us
anything but the chance to think things over. To regret, in the
broadest sense, really.

The sound of neverending gunfire, explosions, bullets whizzing
across the battlefield and the yells of soldiers who were either
forced or volunteered to fight against strangers that they only
knew because they were designated as their opponents. It was
awful. It was horrible. It was just…. Bad.

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And to think that warfare is one of the major focuses of humanity.
Every now and then, we might see another weapon invented or a new
story on the news, talking about tensions rising anywhere. Cash is
poured by billions to support bloodshed and not on other, more
productive things like medication, education, solutions to
poverty, global warming or further progress on extraterrestrial
studies and the like.

Heh, no. Even if it will happen, it’s doubtful to think that it’ll
happen soon. Try as you may, peacemakers, your reward is still a
long way to go. Try as you may, men and women who rally for peace,
your pleas are still far from close to being answered. And try as
hardest as you may, servants of the government. Your efforts are
appreciated, but we loom close on World War Three.

The best we can do is persevere. Be humble and patient to one
another, and this counts to all of you, from meek individual to
astounding nation. What did war ever bring to you, but painful
memories of a dreadful, distant past? It is through sensible
negotiation, understanding and agreement that war may be avoided.
This won’t be easy, nor possible at all, but the best we can do is

Hope that maybe, we won’t have to fire another bullet or load
another bomb to kill each other over nonsense in the future.

Just… Maybe.

“War does not determine who is right. Only who is left.”