This the Arts, Leisure, Sports and Youth and

This case study looks at an example of a
retail style model of a library, where the library is designed in conjunction
with other retailers/commercial partners and fashioned similarly to high street


“Tower Hamlets has some of the highest
levels of social deprivation anywhere in Europe. The population has some of the
highest basic skills needs in the country. The percentage of the UK population,
expressed as an average at ward level, in need of basic skills support is 24%.

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In Tower Hamlets the average is 31%. In

one Tower Hamlets ward the assessed level
of need stood at 36% of the population (the highest level of basic skills need
for a ward anywhere in the country). ”  (Department for
Digital, Culture, Media & Sport, 2016)







In 2002 the government created a national
agenda for tackling employment skills, educational achievement and regeneration.

Due to the decline of the state of education in parts of Britain, in hopes
become more competitive in the world market. The national agenda consisted of;


• Library renewal: breathing new life into
the library network, bringing them into the information age and connecting
libraries to the new IT based

learning networks

• Lifelong learning: encouraging the
development of a national

grid for learning, homework clubs and a
national distance learning system through learn direct

• Community renewal: working to encourage a
community-focused approach to regenerating inner city areas, tackling the
problems dogging the housing estates.

Services and Education Directorates for the Arts, Leisure, Sports and Youth and
Community Services Committees, 2002)