This story (Miss King) is given for better

This paper deals with the co-relation of Somerset Maugham’s ‘Miss King’ and Lois Tyson’s views in terms of feminism. After discussing the base purpose of paper, key points of feminism are brought under nib to explore the idea and purpose of feminism. Somerset Maugham’s life sketch and its impact on story (Miss King) is given for better understanding of feministic views. Due to the limited research, so for done, Maugham’s life’s ups and down and changing views are discussed as a core of view. Only a limited aspect of feminism is discussed. For this purpose, prominent 20th century aspects and its take over Maugham’s views are elaborated in light of feminism to place his story in the row of feministic research.this story is actually revolves around a spy and agovernce of king and this story there are two  female characters which is the basic study of the article This article is actually tells the feministic element in this story,after study it was evaluated two valid places where feministic sense can be seen.Liberal feminism can be seen when an old lady is found selling eggs and butter this shows the liberal feminism that men and womens are equal.The second element of feminism can be seen in the form of traditional feminism when the leading role of the story Miss king is found governing the English king and Queen,where she was supposed not to have relation with their country men.She was compelled to act upon king order because according to traditionaly feminism man is superior to women.this article is about the applicability of feminisim approach on this story. keywords: Feminism,Liberal feminism,Traditional gender RoleIntroductionIn September,a writer Ashenden who was out of country at the out break of War arrival in England.In a party he was introduced to a middle-aged colonel whose name he didn’t get . After gossip colonal offered him to visit his house which ashenden did accept and taken his address on a card ,when Ashenden reached at given amd meet colonal he was offered to work in secret service, which he accepted because of his abilities Officer suggested him to be careful while choosing his companion by telling him the story of a French minister who was traped and lost quite important documents belonging his country. Ashenden noted it and it was made clear to him that if you done good nobody will thank and nobody will help you in trouble which Ashenden liked. Ashenden been to France to write and dispatch a report . Ashenden was informed by an Indian agent he can visit only in emergency .contstantly,he met with different people e.g he met Old peasant woman belonged French sold butter and egg but brought instructions in market Again , he met Miss King who was governess of prince and princesses.She was old lady .When she finds death is swinging near to her ,calls to Ashenden but at that time she didn’t tell anything and atlast,she was dead.In this story we find different aspects of feminism such as patriarchial ,Redical and separatist feminism.Literature Review    William Somerset Maugham, the writer of the story, was born on January 25, 1874, at the British Embassy in Paris France, where his father Robert Maugham was a solicitor, is an English novelist, playwright, and short-story writer whose work is characterized by a clear unadorned style, cosmopolitan settings, and a shrewd understanding of human nature. He wrote more than twenty novels, thirty dramas, three travel books, one major autobiography, ninety two collected short stories and four volumes of essays. But he was best known as short story teller. Maugham said himself: “I have never pretended to be anything but a story teller.”(“The Author excuses himself”, preface to Creatures of circumstance, 1947), BL: X.989/17570    In 1960-63, some of Maugham’s stories were turned into dramas to show on TV for the British public. Besides, stage and screen adaptations of his stories such as Rain, The Vessel of Wrath, The Letter and Lord Mountdrago were adapted to German and French audiences via translation (Archer, 1993: 4). Maugham was mostly influenced by a German philosopher Arthur Schopenhauer, playwright Henry Ibsen and writers Guy de Maupassant and Oscar Wilde in his writings. His natural settings were first based upon theatrical, literary and upper class London.  Maugham died in Southern France in 1966, at the age of ninety two and his ashes were taken to King’s school, Canterbury and buried beneath the wall of Maugham Library.Many of Maugham’s short stories are written about female characters like “The Colonel’s Lady,” “The Kite,” “A woman of Fifty,” “A Romantic Young Lady,” and “Miss King.” This approach shows feminism of Maugham. Although not much work has been done on this aspect of him, yet it can’t be neglected at all. The following essay is such an attempt to explore the Maugham’s feministic views in the light of “A woman of fifty,” a story of a fifty years old woman.”Miss king” is not a master piece of Maugham. Instead, it is an ordinary and general story. It is lack of some basics of short story. The theme and plot is not up to the level of standard and hardly fulfill the requirement of a short story. It looks like a spy story, narrated by the writer.The story is about a spy and two lady, feministic views may be inferred easily, does not matter it is as same purposed by Lois Tyson.When S.W Maugham is taken under the aspects of feminism, it is believed that it was due to his homosexuality. He produced female characters just considering other creature, looking fun more than a suggestive view. General features are discussed, emerging and fashioning ladies are the subjects of Maugham. Although some of his characters are serious, struggling and impressive, but under the light of short stories, he supported more than a limited level of characters. Perhaps it was because of the demanding situation of 20th century. It was a time when feminism, in its modern shape, was at its best. He wrote what was being presented. A woman of fifty is still on the bridge and waiting for the connivance of researchers having different aspects in it, but still not considered suitable for research. So, it is time and again difficult to find out a gap of research. On the other hand, it is an easy task for research, still not touched. Feminism overviewFeminist theories first emerged as early as 1794 in publications such as A Vindication of the Rights of Woman by Mary Wollstonecraft, “The Changing Woman”, “Ain’t I a Woman”, “Speech after Arrest for Illegal Voting”,and so on. “The Changing Woman” is a Navajo Myth that gave credit to a woman who, in the end, populated the world. In 1851, Sojourner Truth addressed women’s rights issues through her publication, “Ain’t I a Woman”. Sojourner Truth addressed the issue of women having limited rights due to men’s flawed perception of women. Truth argued that if a woman of color can perform tasks that were supposedly limited to men, then any woman of any color could perform those same tasks. After her arrest for illegally voting, Susan B. Anthony gave a speech within court in which she addressed the issues of language within the constitution documented in her publication, “Speech after Arrest for Illegal voting” in 1872. Anthony questioned the authoritative principles of the constitution and its male gendered language. She raised the question of why women are accountable to be punished under law but they cannot use the law for their own protection (women could not vote, own property, nor themselves in marriage). She also critiqued the constitution for its male gendered language and questioned why women should have to abide by laws that do not specify women.Nancy Cott makes a distinction between modern feminism and its antecedents, particularly the struggle for suffrage. In the United States she places the turning point in the decades before and after women obtained the vote in 1920 (1910–1930). She argues that the prior woman movement was primarily about woman as a universal entity, whereas over this 20-year period it transformed itself into one primarily concerned with social differentiation, attentive to individuality and diversity. New issues dealt more with woman’s condition as a social construct, gender identity, and relationships within and between genders. Politically this represented a shift from an ideological alignment comfortable with the right, to one more radically associated with the left.Research Questions1.   Somerset Maugham’s “Miss King” was written in 1951.What does the story suggest about liberal feminism?This is actually about an old lady wo is a secret spy but do a weird job of sellling dairies product.According to the subject of the article it depicts the “liberal feministic approach” of her selling dairies because according to this approach a women is also considered equal to men and she can do every sort of acts a man can2.  How does the work underscore the Traditional gender role in light of Miss King Short story?The title of the story that is Miss king is also associates with a female character who is governance of a king and queen.Miss king is supposed not to make any relation with their country people.Even at the time of her death she wish that, if there somebody of his own country so that she could prove that she is a patriot not a traitor.This thing reveals the “traditional gender role” that how a women is treated under the influence of a men.Discussion And AnalysisLiberal FeminismIn liberal feminism, men and women are equal .Both of them work equally ,There is not any concept of inferiority between opposite gender. In Somerset Maugham’s story Miss king deals with liberal feminism,the major character of Ashenden who was writer by profession but later he joined secret service .Twice a week Ashenden had to go to market to receive instructions that were brought to him by an old peasant woman from French Savoy who sold butter and eggs. By adopting different look ,she was working for secret agency as an agent.  By character of an Old peasant woman ,it is assumed that women and men are equal for eachother in the light of feministic theory because this old lady works for secret service without any fear for delivering instructions to other agents of service.By throwing the ample light on Major charater ashenden who was also agent of secret service and work courageously .His appearance look was totally opposite from this work and secret service job is also offered by dint of his looking and profession on account of these reasons no one can suspect on him .On the other hand,this Old lady looked so bland and innocent ,with her corpulence, her fat red face ,and her smiling good-natured mouth.There  was not found any suspect in her personality so that’s why she worked for service.By this job , she kept her son out of the trenches .With the help of comparatively study of both characters ,Reader assumed that there is found liberal feminism,both of them perform their work equally in society.Traditional Gender RoleTraditional gender role casts men as rational ,strong ,protective and decisive ,they cast women as emotional (irrational),weak,nurturing and submissive.Miss King was important and has her own significant by performing role of governess.She looked after prince ans princesses.She was very tiny woman,just a few little bones in a bag of wrinkled skin and her face was deeply furrowed.She was heavily made up and she tripped along in very small smart shoes with very high heels.Through study reader found that she was broad woman by looking but her eyes had question mark at last breathing stage.her eyes have secretes by dint of English woman but her sentiments were Anti-English,at last breathing she called ashenden by dint of his English man Identity. Above all discussion ,reader found that apparently she lived very happy and satisfactory life with Prince and Princesses but internally she was disturbed because she had not any relation with English,because prince set rules for her. In light of feminism theory ,we found traditional gender role ,men have superiority but women have inferiority because of inferiority she couldn’t interect with English and prince set role.Conclusion                         In the final analysis, it could be seen that this story is actually about a spy who acquaintances with an old lady who is selling eggs and butter,but in real she is also a spy.According to the subject of the article it depicts the “liberal feministic approach” of her selling dairies because according to this approach a women is also considered equal to men and she can do every sort of acts a man can.The title of the story that is Miss king is also associates with a female character who is governance of a king and queen.Miss king is supposed not to make any relation with their country people.Even at the time of her death she wish that, if there somebody of his own country so that she could prove that she is a patriot not a traitor.This thing reveals the “traditional gender role” that how a women is treated under the influence of a men.Both of the points actually depicts the Lois Tyson’s feministic approach.