This nationalization Crisis when the majority of the

This order was created by law no. 528, 1953 and it is presented by the president of the republic to the Egyptians and others who render the country valuable services, and includes five classes, the one here is from the second class, which its braid takes the form of a quincunx star of oxidized silver upon which rests another quincunx star of gold and silver in the center if which appears a circular disc of gold on which is inscribed the word Merit in Arabic (?????????), the order is similar to the braid, but smaller in size. It is connected to the cordon by a blue clasp on which vulture spreading his wings high is depicted. The braid be wore on the right side of the chest and C.W. von Gerber was granted by the rules another smaller braid to be attached to the nick of the same color as the cordon

This order famous by other names as order of the independenceiii or the order of Guides as it was awarded to the ship guides of Suez canal for their efforts and success in preserving the continuity of ship sailing in the Suez canal after the nationalization Crisis when the majority of the foreign guides left the work as a pressure on the political leadership.

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C.W. von Gerber was delighted receiving the order of Merit, so in the letter from him to his brother Tage on August 14th 1959, he mentioned his happiness to add one more order to his orders, he said ” I have recently received a valuable addition to my orders from President Gammal Abdel Nasser, who awarded me the order of  Merit 2nd class (Grand Officer)”v and was thinking about taking a picture wearing it on the official uniform, but it was in the summer with the humidity and hot, so he left the picture to the next season that he unfortunately never saw, in the same letter he predicted his death by saying “here is seldom the occasion to bear such awards, but I would like to take a photo for remembrance, probably my last, but first from autumn, for the time being. At 30? and humidity, it’s no pleasure to wear the uniform. Such a photo might be introduced in the next edition of the calendar”.