This changes which makes change management a challenging

study has characterized the status of change management research in light of
existing empirical studies. Through a review of previous empirical research, it
is analysed that change management is very important in the achievement of
energy efficiency goals in organisation’s projects. Everybody
understands the importance of positive change and everyone understands it
because it’s true. Successful organizations are those which incorporate change
and reform in their organizational framework. Organizations are based on need
satisfaction and as the needs of humans are continuously changing or moving to
a new need, the requisite for change management is seen more than ever. Today,
the concepts of organizational change, reform and improvement are the most
important subjects for human societies, especially in developing countries, and
they are inherently managerial rather than economic and political. However, in
order to adopt the appropriate strategy and model of change for an
organization, it is necessary to understand its structure and components. For
this purpose, the concept of change management was developed to apply the
necessary organizational changes to different phases of the process, following
the identification of effective factors in change. This reveals the necessity
of having sufficient knowledge and information for managers to utilize it at

the review, the section on factors that cause change in requirements provides
an understanding on how vast and constant changes can be. There is no one root
cause for changes which makes change management a challenging task. Therefore,
even with an abundance of research on change management, there is still room
for improvement. Given the complexity of changes, it is important to identify
the processes in place to manage them. It is clear from the available literature
that there is no consensus on how to manage change. In some instances, it is
based on the type of organization and the environment and in many cases, it is
based on the type of changes.

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