Things Fall Apart – Toxic Masculinity

In the book Things Fall Apart, “toxic masculinity” leads to the downfall of the book’s main character, Okonkwo. The author Chinua Achebe centers his story around”toxic masculinity.” Okonkwo’s “manly” qualifications according to their clan native to Nigeria caused his failure. Due to Okonkwo’s toxic view on masculinity his relationships with his family and reputation within his clan.

This is why Okonkwo had a negative view in most aspects of his life. His relationship with his father, Unoka, was not a happy relationship. Unoka was viewed as more feminine. This view was due to his views on life. He didn’t hold title within the Ibo tribe, he didn’t like to do any sort of laborious activity such as work. He borrowed money from those around him and didn’t repay his debts. It was this that caused his son to not like him and push his “toxic” views upon his son Nwoye. He pushed his “toxic” views on Ikemefuna. Ikemefuna was a boy from a neighboring clan. He came to live with Okonkwo upon the killing of an Ibo woman in the market of another clan. Due to being murdered without any reason the elders of the Ibo tribe demanded the horrible actions of the clan where she was murdered was to sacrifice a young virgin woman and a boy. Ikemefuna was the boy sent. Okonkwo forces his views of what a man should be on Ikemefuna the same as he did on his son Nwoye.

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The effects of Okonkwo’s “toxic masculinity” reached beyond the lines of his tribe and tore apart his relationship with Nwoye. His ideas brought chaos in his home life. Okonkwo was violent with his wives. His wife Ekwefi went to get her hair done, but she was late getting back to her but. She hadn’t prepared dinner before she left. This made Okonkwovery upset, when Ekwefi arrived home he beat her. He also beat her for cutting a Palm leaf from the tree. It was thought that cutting the palm leaf from a healthy tree would kill the tree, which is why Okonkwo was mad at her. Ojiugo, Okonkwo’s third and …