There an analysis of various factors that influenced

There is a
significant relationship between humans and agriculture in Africa based on
history. Africans co-existed harmoniously with the environment since they
practiced sustainable, farming. Initially, most communities practiced hunting
and gathering as a source of livelihood but increase in population, and climate
change led to the adoption of agriculture in Africa (Gilbert and Reynolds). The history of the relationship between
Africans and agriculture provides an in-depth insight into the history of
humans in the continent and worldwide.

provide a great insight into the history of Africa since they help to
categorize different languages based on family origins considering the rich
language diversity in Africa (“African Languages
Matter”); this, helps to trace the roots of different communities and
develop an analysis of various factors that influenced regional migration. In addition
to that, linguistics helps to identify the critical historical process that
impacted such communities and resulted in civilization. Some media reports
concerning the history of Africa are accurate with the exception of a few which
give wrong information due to bias and lack of precise information concerning
the history (“African Language Families”).
Food and linguistics support the argument that Africa is the cradle of human
civilization since they provide a crucial relationship about the history of
humanity and how changes in food production and dialect in Africa affected the
whole world.

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            Strategies Africans developed to live
plentifully in their environment include the adoption of shift cultivation/
rotation to retain the soil fertility and the domestication of animals which
they used it as a source of food and in the event of severe drought they
practiced pastoralism (“History of Africa
Part Two The Coming of Agriculture”).
Food has shaped Africans diets and economies throughout history by influencing
food type depending on availability, and it has also acted a source of income
for many communities considering in ancient times they practiced barter trade.
The economic, social and political impact of food is evident in how countries
that practice profitable agriculture have a high-income level and social
well-being (“Technology Key in Enhancing
Food Production in Africa”). In
conclusion, Africa played an active role in the development and farming of food
crops, and this affected the growth of specific countries that specialized in
cash crop farming. Therefore, African history is primarily tied to food
production since it elaborates development of early agriculture and