Themes in The Rocking Horse Winner

Money can’t buy you happiness. Throughout the entire story “The Rocking Horse Winner” by D-H Lawrence, money seems to be the root to all of the family’s problems. At the beginning of this story the family did not have enough money to support their expensive tastes. Even though the family lived in style they felt always an anxiety in the house. No matter how much money was brought into the home there was never enough. The family scrambles to pay the bills at the end of the month. The family did have money to support themselves, but they would use it to support their expensive taste rather than supporting what was essential to support themselves. The family has servants and gardeners which are an example of their poor choices dealing with money. Greed was a huge problem within the family because they always wanted more than what they had. Realizing the difference between wants and needs was a major problem that unfortunately the family didn’t overcome in the story.

“The Rocking Horse Winner” starts off with a boy named Paul who is desperate for his mother’s love and attention. After seeing how miserable his mother is with his father Paul decides to find luck to support their expensive life style. Eventually Paul finds his luck with the help of his gardener Basset. He begins to place money on horse races and turns out to be very lucky. Paul would pick the winning horse name and have Basset make the bets. He then confides in his uncle Oscar who he considers lucky because Oscar’s gift of money brought a winning streak for Paul. The three men continue to bet on the horse races until Paul has reached five thousand pounds that he gives his mother for her birthday over the next five years. After Hester receives the money she is still not satisfied and ends up spending all of the money, and still wants more. Paul is overwhelmed with his mother’s attitude toward the money and then decides to hide himself away to where he keep…

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