The Young Man in A Clean, Well-Lighted Place

?This character represents your typical young adult male who shows no empathy for the old man, he who lacks common sense, patience, and understanding of life, though he says “I have confidence. I am all about confidence” (page 224). The young man who is the immature figure and speaks with such rudeness and without thought or emotions, “you should have killed yourself last week” (page 223) the young waiter said to the deaf old man. Knowing he’s deaf the young waiter still spoke these words in hoping that the old man would still hear him. Hemingway, does not express the tone of how this was addressed to the old man, but it allows you to give it your tone of feeling on how it could have been addressed. I believe it was meant out of blind cruelty, the young waiter who’s blind by his own ignorance spoke such cruel words to an old man, even though his deaf.

The young waiter represents the rush and unsettlement of life, the struggle to grow in one’s own character by the passing age. He is young, full of life, he has someone to whom he can go home to, his wife. He’s not alone nor knows the significance of loneliness, he believes that the old man who has so much money should be happy and enjoying his life and mocks him for being an unsuccessful suicidal man. The young waiter is a mere reflection of who the older waiter was and who the old man was when they both had someone and meaning in the own lives, order, love, cleanness, lighting, they had a purpose. The waiter also gives of this symbolism of death and darkness, a reflected mirror of truth to the older waiter and the old man, both characters have drifted away from a lively age that enjoyed going to bodegas. Full of life, no despair to drink away, nada just a life that he lives off as a care-free young man, who’s still living in the moment, to soon face the harsh reality to their old age, leading to death. The darkness shows his none clean, well-lighted self towards the ol…

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