The Works of Virginia Woolf

Virginia Woolf is a scholar and writer popular among the contemporary scholars due to her literary works which mostly bordered on feminism. Her position to the general gendered hierarchy of power concerning the modern western society vividly portrayed a particular perspective. It is ostensible that this perspective achieved total ascendance in the liberal academy. Just as most of her literal work addressed the women in the middle class, they also are contemptible of their voice “daughters of educated men” in the contemporary society. This plays a critical role in sending the message of the presence not only of huge inconsistencies concerning the achievement of gender disparity but also addressing the level of achievement there has been regarding the same. Looking at it critically, the weight of the words, more so in the feminist discourse, was a significant one. Most times, she has faced immense criticism arising due to her unwavering stand on matters of gender and sex. These critical rejoinders she was faced with were out of myriad assumptions centered on the modern understanding of the issues of gender and sex. The contemporary understanding of the two issues, gender, and sex are in regards to how they interrelate, what is entailed in them and their general effects on the everyday life of human being. It is, therefore, in order to pore over the issues surrounding sexual apprehension, which was an aspect knotted and widely predominant in the literal works of Woolf.

In her work, Woolf mirrors her life which was majorly characterized by struggles with myriad forms of sexual apprehension. Her work was also vivid of her attempt to address her fear of sexual intimacy as she fought hard to escape the impact of male domination. As she tries to put down her opinion on gender-related sex, people view that as an attempt to air her private hang-ups in regards to sex. Deep down, her primary focus is on annihilating and exposing the disparagin…

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