The with technical details. To make transformation in

The professional managers and institutions used today
have evolved over the past 150 years. But history gives only guidelines
possible for the future. It is up to next generation production and manufacturing
mangers to evolve it the next level. In this competitive world just the guidelines
are not enough. Managers should have detailed knowledge of their business with
technical details. To make transformation in to next era it is very important
learn lessons from history. To gain strategic knowledge for the manufacturing
firm one should focus on long term operations in addition with development of
production and marketing. Continuous improvement is the best condition for
survival. From Henry Ford belief perfect product and process and Toyota believe
is continuous improvement. For Japanese manufacturers (JIT) it took 25 years to
reduce the setup time to three minutes from three hours.  All the automotive companies have their own
style of production systems with their strategies depending on their agendas.  Most of the production systems in today’s
world are Company-specific production systems, which is strong trend in all
manufacturing sectors. This creates diffusion of own production system across
all companies is the reason for their existence in this global competitive
market. The transition of traditional system to new production environment requires
time to adjust. The change in any intrinsic nature of the process in real world
will affect the performance of other variables and also  organisation have to work on certain sections
such as operational environment, business rules and polices and motivating
people towards goals.

From Taylor’s scientific management developing
Science to make task easier, efficiently, reduced time and increases in
productivity. Here, the scientific approach of quantitative methods has reduced
problems in manufacturing to analytical sub-problems with unrealistic modelling
assumptions.  Simulation and optimization
is form of science approach in manufacturing which improves skills of
manufacturing mangers. By promoting the relation between objectives and policies,
analysis of system is the solution for the any manufacturing problem. System analysis
requires other variables to be evaluated with respect to objectives. Optimization
and analysis methodologies it requires to involve proper model at particular
situation for decision making process.

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