The Why of Literature – Mario Vargas Llosa

Imagine a world without books, a world where any form of text you need is on the internet and easily accessible. According to “The Premature Obituary of the Book, Why Literature” by Mario Vargas Llosa he discusses Bill Gates and how Gates stated he could get rid all of books and put them all into technological form making it easier. For many this seems like a great idea but to Llosa this is a horrible idea. Llosa feels that literature is meant to be on paper and gives a sense of pleasure when read whereas getting rid of literature takes away our pleasure and joy of reading.

In the essay, “The Premature Obituary of the Book, Why Literature” by Mario Vargas Llosa, he explains what literature has done for us and why we as humans should keep it on paper. The essay overall is filled with knowledge and arguments that show one how books define our society and give us a reason to be whole all while helping us grow and learn more. This essay also uses many ways of organization and other writing techniques that grab the reader’s attention and keeps him or her interested while the author tries to persuade the audience to keep reading and fight in favor of the author’s side of the argument. In this essay Mario Vargas uses a great many techniques that get his points across about why books are important and why we can never get rid of them.

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Llosa like every other author has a point to get across and this point is how important books are in society. In the essay there is a critical event that drives the author to write this essay and that critical point is Bill Gates bringing up an idea of changing all books and other forms of literature into electronic items. The author writes this essay and uses it to persuade the readers to fight against using technologic books and to not upgrade and keep the current hard cover books. Llosa also states that, “In our time, science and technology cannot play an integrating role, precisely because o…