The White Castle by Orhan Pamuk

The White Castle by Orhan Pamuk is a postmodern novel that focuses on identity of the main two characters; one of them is the narrator who is known as the Venetian, who during novel tells us about his experiences whilst been incarcerated and enslaved. In the novel there are two narratives, also known as a narrative within narrative novel, in which the narrator has most of the time a direct speech but at time he refers in the book with an indirect speech. Most of the narration is made in a first person narrative but as stated before the narrative communicates with indirect speech which causes at times an unreliable narration, all this narration changes and methods impact the reader while reading the novel. One of the biggest impacts that the reader could have while reading this book is the confidence that we get for the narrations. Hence, we have to find and analyse the different narratives voices within the novel to see the confidence we get from the narration.

One of the most seen narrative technique in this novel is the unreliable narrative. Hence, the narrator gives us defective accounts and faulty truths. We see that the Venetian is drawn into his stories in to a certain depth that he sometimes cannot distinguish reality from fiction. We can see this we the Venetian states ‘I can’t tell…whether these stories, most of which I have come to believe myself…were things I actually experienced in my youth or visions which flowed from my pen”. This quote shows us the unreliability of the Venetian as we see he could not differentiate the stories to actual reality, moreover meaning that the reality is unclear to us and the narrator. This unreliability creates less confidence within the reader on the narrative voice, this happens seeing as the Venetian is telling the reader the story as if it came out of his imagination.

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Another narrative technique that creates less reliability is first person narrative. This technique is use thro…