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The movie “Black Hawk Down” directed by Ridley Scott was originally based on the predecessors. It was adapted from a book, “Black Hawk Down” was a 1999 book by a journalist which name was Mark Bowden. Their budget for the movie was estimated to be around $92,000,000. Several key actors that took part were: Josh Hartett (Eversmann), Ewan McGregor (Grimes), Tom Sizemore (McKnight), Eric Bana (Hoot), and William Fichtner (Sanderson). The average rating given to “Black Hawk Down” by Rotten Tomatoes was 88% and 7.7/10 stars by IMDb.”Black Hawk Down” portrays a story where a military raid went horribly wrong when helicopter-borne soldiers encountered unexpectedly heavy resistance from the Somalians during a surprise raid. The movie’s intent was clear, it had recorded the soldiers experience in the fight itself, so the audience may feel as if they were in the soldier’s shoes. The original plan was to stage a surprise raid with ground forces backing them up. But when they had actually got there, the situation immediately turned sour. Enemy rockets immediately took out two of the helicopters. The warlord that they were targeting had assembled and surrounded the US soldiers. Communication trouble and roadblocks had all but prevented a support team from getting to the site. And thus, the fight became a war of attrition between the US soldiers and the Somalians.The movie soon splits off into several stories. A soldier drops from a helicopter and is injured when he misses the descent rope. Desperate, grim fights unfold in streets as nightfall arrives. The US soldiers are running low on ammunition and water, and up against enemies that aren’t particularly concerned about their own welfare and safety. Scott’s sloppiness as a filmmaker extends to the combat sequences themselves, a rain of explosions and dirt flying through the air as the protagonists fire at the enemy. The scenes are so chaotic that it’s nearly impossible to tell who anyone is (every actor has the same combat gear), so Ewan McGregor could be Josh Hartnett could be Eric Bana). It’s no excuse to say that Scott is displaying how war is incomprehensible hell.I believe “Black Hawk Down” will stand the test of time and turn into one of the most popular and sought-after movies. Just like how 9/11 was remembered for decades, this movie, which was designed to mold to suit the 9/11 will also be remembered for centuries to come.