The together laughing or the outcome is bound

same night has returned, the only difference is you’re gone, but the memories
still remains

The same night
feels colder, the same night feels longer

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Caused of my
longing to our long night conversations

Those late night conversations,
those late night talk

Seems a waste to
others, but means the world to me


Every night i am
still wondering what could the outcome have been

Between two
lovers love that meant the world to them

What could have
been the outcome if the problem were solved

If both of us
talked and never have run off

Could the outcome
have been different, would still be the same

Would we still be
happy together laughing or the outcome is bound to happened and cannot be
escaped the sweetness of destiny, and the bitterness of reality





The nights have
passed, thoughts have returned

Thoughts about
decisions that could have gone wrong

What would be
more wrong about running away

What would be the
outcome if we chose to stay


Us not together
is not the only thing that hurt

It is about how
you moved on and find someone new

If what we had
and what you have said was true

How could you
moved on, how could you let go


I’m finding away
for us to work things out

But how could it
work, when I’m the only one doing it

yelling, and crying is now the conversations that we have

How could two
hearts be together, if it was broken and turn apart


Now the decisions
that I’m making is about on how to let go

How should I say
“sorry” to the one I hurt the most

How could you
forgive the person who broke your heart

The person you
loved in the time called “past”


The morning has
come, all my thinking is done

Now I used to
make the wrong things that I had done right

I’m not going to
hide nor run away

For this last
time, please let me stay

These words I
should have told you

Words that could
have made a difference

About two lovers’
love that was destroyed by egos brighter than the day


“I Love You.”