The the university is located, extra-curricular activities available,

The choice of university and
university program is one of the most important decision in someone’s life and
the Mauritius International University and Career Expo has been designed as an introduction
and a welcome to all those who are interested to study further after secondary
school at universities and tertiary institutions, both locally and abroad.  

The Mauritius International University and Career Expo, where numerous
universities market their educational course, provide students and their
parents a platform to clear their doubts and make their final choice of
university and program. It is a great way to get really valuable information on
universities and courses available locally and abroad. It is crucial for
students to visit such fair as choosing the right course for further studies
and choosing the right university or post-secondary institution can often be a
difficult task to accomplish on their own. 

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At the fair, talking with the representatives of the university, will
allow students to enquire about application procedures and deadlines, fees,
pre-requirement tests, scholarships availability and other university
facilities like library, campus accommodation, laboratory equipment and
research, the area where the university is located, extra-curricular activities
available, employment opportunities and so on.

The students will also get to know more and better understand the demand
of the course and modules to be studied. They can also investigate how teaching
is done and decide if it will suit them and match their way of learning.  

The fair will also give the students the opportunity to discover other
relevant courses which they might not have considered. One can also enquire
about the graduate employment rate of the university and this will directly
give them an idea of career prospects.

One may also have
the opportunity to meet students who are currently studying at the university and
this will provide an authentic picture of university life through enquiring about
their personal experiences, their programs, the lecturers they like more and
whether they are happy with the decision of going to that particular