The something that I have observed and endeavoured

The world is built
on differentiators and their choices. 
Facebook was not the first social network, the iPhone was not the first
smartphone and Google was not the first search engine in the world. The key
factor among them is their level of execution, how they took existing products,
improved them and successfully built enterprises around them. The
differentiators achieved what the pioneers could not, thereby exposing a void
between what has been achieved and the innate potential of that achievement. This
void is something that can only be filled by a composite approach merging
technology and business acuity, something that I have observed and endeavoured
to dabble in from my childhood. The desire to explore this relationship between
technology and business solutions is what fascinates me and drives me to pursue
my higher education in Management Sciences.


My undergraduate
curriculum and its interpretation was an enriching experience that helped me
build a richly variegated technical identity. This, coupled with my IT
experience, has helped me acquire a wider and in-depth view of the integrated
techno-business arena, help me sharpen and hone my technical skills and
stimulated the desire in me to delve deeper in this domain. I believe that at a
suitable stage one must amplify one’s ken and upgrade one’s skills and
expertise to utilize one’s potential to the optimal and grow as an individual.
Thus, with a firmed up intent and solidified career direction, I am highly
inspired to be a learner all over again.

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My time at SRM
University was a key turning point in terms of exploring and developing my
skill set. The coursework further helped me improve my analytical thinking and
equipped me with right attitude to solve difficult problems. Web Technologies,
Lab work in Java, C++, Software Engineering and Practices were the intriguing
subjects that helped me build a solid foundation of both theoretical mastery
and practical skills. Principles of Management and Data Mining was the most
impactful one, as they instantly opened up windows to a vaster territory and
many fascinating concepts and practices that are entirely integral to
contemporary business and industry. This led me to realise how structure,
framework, division of work, hierarchies, and academic theories were as
relevant to a vague area such as managing people and resources, and conducting
business, as technical learning.


I explored numerous
platforms in college that enabled my growth in many directions. As a result of
multiple roles as Secretary General for department fests, Core Committee Member
of Corporate, Strategy & Implementation Team and also as the Business
Development Head for an NGO, my involvements ranged from preparing the cost
reports, bringing in new sponsors, finance decisions, marketing strategies, and
volunteering. During my stint at the NGO I was able to develop a business idea
on Green Finance- focussing on promoting investment in low-carbon technologies
and on reducing the vulnerability of goods and persons to the effects of
climate change. This idea was so well-received that it won many accolades at
Sustainable Global Business Fest’14 conducted by Indian Society for Technical
Education. During this phase and through my efforts, I realised that as a
species, we have to work together to be environmentally responsible, despite
our differences in ethnicity. I thus believe in solving problems for the
society through collaboration. This idea
of collaboration is what motivates me to apply to Canada, which has an open and
participatory culture.


My final year
project, ‘Raspberry Pi based Home Automation System using IoT’ were both
reflections of my in-depth incursions into Python, CSS, Linux technologies and
my desire to experience the actual challenges in matching theory to practice. I
designed and successfully implemented a home automation system using Raspberry
Pi and was able to control the appliances from anywhere in the world using a
web interface. I interned at BSNL, a Telecom Giant in India, where I worked on
re-engineering their market measurement product using an Analytical
Application. The effort included working on the data integration processes,
workflow automation and developing user interfaces. During the process, I
obtained significant familiarity with Cognos, SQL Server, J2EE APIs and
algorithms like k-NN and Decision Forests as I tried to incorporate it in my
application. These projects were a remarkable learning opportunity in terms of
technology expertise, E2E engineering execution, and project management skills.


After graduation, I
worked at Cognizant Technology Solutions as a Programmer Analyst where I had an
opportunity to build and apply my analytical and problem-solving skills to a
wide variety of data-oriented projects. I played a significant role in the UI
team that developed front end applications for categorizing products
specifically barcode tagging for the Big Decision Tool. I worked extensively in
JavaScript, Angular JS and Bootstrap to develop web based applications. A key
aspect of my work was analysis and reporting the Financial Data for the Life
Science Industries. From a technical standpoint, I have acquired extensive
knowledge on Big Data technologies and I used this expertise to successfully
obtain my TM1 Developer and Big Data certifications. My profile took an
important turn as a techno-functional person which involved planning,
budgeting, data collection and deployment of client’s data. The agile nature of
these projects empowered me to make quick and well-thought decisions which
helped me in forming a synergistic relationship with my colleagues. Interacting
with clients worldwide, attending scrum meetings and working to meet deadlines
was a challenge and it gradually developed my soft skills and ability to


Overall, my
undergraduate study and current work experience have positioned me well to
understand the foundations in the field of Data-Driven Decision Making, Business
and Data Analytics. I realized that to embark on the next level achievements in
the field, pursuing a Master’s degree in the field of Management Science will
be a critical way forward. I am specifically excited that the Information
Systems Track at University of Waterloo breaks the departmental silos between
technology, policy, economics and business and provides a program that truly is
interdisciplinary. At Waterloo, I wish to broaden and deepen my T-skills in IT
engineering, business case analysis and general management from a diverse
class, industry-tailored courses and world-renowned faculty while sharing my
own learning and experiences with my peers. It will provide me the platform to
challenge myself and further my experience and exposure in project management.
With the backing of my work experience and strong academic background, I will
be able to focus intensely on the acquisition of niche skill clusters through
case-based learning and industry partnerships. I completely believe that my
diverse experiences and level of commitment shall make me a valuable addition
to the MMsc program. I am keen to begin my journey with the University of
Waterloo and look forward to becoming a proud ambassador of it one day.