The papers. Also, this gives Hitler complete control

The Reichstag Fire was significant in a lot of ways. This essay will focus on the links between three main events that happened after the Reichstag Fire and exploring in detail how it cemented the Reichstag Fire’s significance. The essay is going to be divided into three parts in chronological order: The Emergency Decree on February 28, which impacted multiple communists, socialist leaders, and the people; as well as the press. The Elections to Reichstag on March 5, where the Nazis got the majority of the votes in the Reichstag, and The Enabling Act on March 23, which ultimately gained Hitler personal power over everything. The Reichstag Fire helped the Emergency Decree to be passed on February 28, 1933, right after the Reichstag Fire, Hitler gain power because when the Emergency Decree was passed, this led to civil rights being suspended for a period of time, with the left wing press being banned, it limited the amount of things shown in the papers. Also, this gives Hitler complete control over the contents shown which gave him an advantage due to the fact that, should he refuse to let other parties or anything that contradicts the way he thinks, it would be done. The arrest of communist and socialist leaders helped Hitler eradicate any potential Communist opponents in the next election, which happened only a few days after this decree was released. The Reichstag Fire gave Hitler an opportunity to imprison the Communists because it allowed the Nazis to say that the country was in grave danger from the communists, which incredibly weakened the Communist campaign even more than it already has and gained the Nazis more seats in the election. 

Reichstag Fire helped with getting rid of any potential opponents for Hitler
during the General Election for the Reichstag that was held during March 5,
1933. In this election, the Hitler managed to gain 288 seats with 43.91% of the
votes and increased their seats by 92 since the last elections. Building on to
the Emergency Decree, Hitler would have had to work for a longer period of time
if the Emergency Decree hasn’t been approved because by using the Decree, he
was able to arrest and round up the Communists, which were his biggest obstacle
in the elections. By doing so, he was also able to also increase the validity of
his propaganda about Communists being a threat to Germany, which led people to
vote and give him their support. By controlling and banning the left wing
press, he was able to prohibit any propaganda made by other parties that oppose
him and gave him full control of putting his own propaganda in. Although the
election didn’t give the Nazis more seats that Hitler had hoped for, it did get
them enough seats to get by because the Communists and Socialist leaders were
arrested, which meant their parties couldn’t go on, and the other parties were
too intimidated by the SA (or Storm Troopers). And Hitler did still manage to
achieve his goal: To pass the Enabling Act.

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