The ‘ no one really know’s what happen,

The phone then disconnects from the 911 emergency. ‘ no one really know’s what happen, on the night of June, 21st, 2007,’ at the Sue Anderson house. There were 4 badger’swho lived in the house, who has a story to tell you.’ This is from case24, file 34. ‘ About the family who eyewitness, the whole doing of the activity. They are all alive, but the say the house”Is dead memory to them- forever.” This story will disturbed you, about a family that went though; the most demonic activity yet.And it should not  be read by a child, this story you’re about to here(is not true). But a life lesson to us all, here’s there story.         September, 31st, 2007. ” Dad, do you know where my headphones are at?” I said. My father-stop for a moment, at he was trying to put stuff in the boxes(because we are moving today).  “Um yes, there in your bag- your mother put them in there Susan?”  He said to me, as he taken a quick break- in the kitchen.” Ok, just making sure?” I said to him; as I walked out of the kitchen, and I found my backpack sitting on the ground- by the empty bathroom’ I unzip theback, and grab my white ipod earbuds; out of there. ‘And placed it onmy phone,”So I could do a quick goodbye to my boyfriend, that I will-never see again. I’ve been with him since Kindergarten at the School called, Junction High school.’ There nothing talk about the place, but old school crap  thats all. His name is James lee, he’s the best looking badger- in the whole High School.’ He  was gonna be sad, when i’m gonna be gone.He likes me more, than any other girl in school. So I went into the bathroom, and locked the door( I was standingin the empty, brown bathroom. With my phone in my hand, starting totext him my goodbyes to him. “I’m Leaving now?” I text to him, and I waited for his response(about two minutes went by, and he made the response to me). “Ok, have a safe life girl( at least we’re still friends on facebook?” He text me, so I text him back again. “haha, you’re funny.’ Thanks for being there for me all my life.”- I send him that, another 2 minutes went byand he text me his final message.” Your welcome be safe and good luck.” It was the final message I got from him, on my phone. I fear he found another girl, in the school.’ That he’s probably gonna forget about me.’ Which crap like that is gonna happen, so I do have to let go of the past; and say hello to the new world. I heard a knock outside of my bathroom, it was my little brother Sam. He’s a-nut black badger I know, he gives me a headache a lot of times.’ But he is there when I need him, that what’s so good about him. “He sis are you in the bathroom?” He said to me, from the outside?” “Um yes why?” I said to him. “Because I need to go bad?” He was little jumpy out there.”Hang I will be out in a minute ok?” I said to him.”Hurry then!” He kind of panic, which it was kind of funny actually.I open the door, with him kind of shaking right there.’ With his Dimmur ogir shirt on, with blue jean shorts.’ Little bit jibber to go into the bathroom. “There you go.” I said to him, as I walked out. “Thanks!’ He slams the bathroom door behind him, I kind of laugh. So glad it was not on the road, because my father hates rest stops. Thinking, they are dangerous, with kidnapper’s and stuff. Which I  kind of find it out funny actually. So I decided to walk upstairs, for one last time. To go look at my- old bedroom, that I live in it more than ( 15 year’s). Looking back at the memory’s, when I was growing up. I know those days has past now the future is now here.’ As I open my old bedroom door one last time, I kind of gasp a bit.There was nothing but a brown carpet floor, green walls.’ With the  empty closet by the window side.’ It’s like, nothing ever existed. Everything is like a ghost town, there lives nothing in it.’ It’s gonna behard for me to let go of this memory. So I stand a look around, as I would do to a new home. And think to myself in my mind. ” What is this gonna be like?”I beg to know in my heart, but I want to be surprise on the way though. But something odd happened, when I was upstairs.( I suddenly heard a small voice going into my head, that sounded kind of freaky.The voice hard a dark frigid tone, as it felt like (it was out of breath). I heard it speak, into my head; as it said.” Sue is coming.” I thought my head was playing games on me, so I kind of jingle my head (to get it outof my mind. But I be more prepared for the new house; that we’re gonna live in soon. So I walked out of my old bedroom, and look back one more time and said this to myself; one last time. ” My last time that I will ever see this room again ?” I shut the door slowly, as I was look- ing at it(into my head).My mother was looking up at me, as she was standing at the bottom ofthe stairs( with a box in her right hand.” Hun what are you doing?” Shewander, what I was up to. “Oh nothing, just these memories hitting my head.” I said kind of brim about it, as my mind could hear( the times I had, in this—– House.”Hun I know, but your dad is sick of this town; that’s why we’re moving.”  My mother said to me, trying to my my mind clear. But thepity mind, has to hurt still. ( As I can’t let go of it, but sometimes Ineed to say goodbye then). ” Alright mom, you’re right- I will stop thinking about it.”      With  a little twinkle on my face, my mother did the same thing.”Good, now we are all settled now.” My father put the final two boxes, in the mover’s truck( U-haul).And comes back in, see if we are all ready or not. “Is everyone ready, to hit the road?” My father said.  My little brother-walks out from the bathroom door,”Yes i’m ready to go?” He said edgar to get out of this empty house, as he walks out of the house ( kind of excited). I walk downstairs to, with the backpack; behind my back.- As iwas ready to. So I walk out of the house slowly, with a little beamof my face.’ With my mother looking at my father, as she nods athis(ready to go to).” Alright then?” He said, as he walks out behind his wife.’ As shuts the door, and locks it. As every memory had died now, it’s time to restart new again.- I’m ready for this,  I can’t wait what the next house gonna bring us this time. As I about to open, the red ford(king cab door). I look out on the silent street; as saw my best friend kind of sobering a little. I walk overto her quick, as I seen her standing by her house.’ With small tears falling from her face, with her arms crossed around her; black dress on. “Hey what’s wrong?” I said to her.My best friend kind of made a tearful words sour a little,”Your leav-ing, that’s why.” She said to me( kind of bottomless). So something hit my head, that has a lot of truth to say about life. “Oh I know how you feel, but remember this ok; This what life is like-for everyone, losing a best friend on your side; won’t still change nothing. But the memory will still remain in your heart and soul, remember what I say- as we will see each other again soon. ‘ I knowwhat your thinking, and that’s ok.’ If that was you leaving, I would do the same thing; but be lucky( to meet a person like me). There is more out there, and you never know. A new friend could live here, and makeyour life more better. So that’s how it goes, it’s hard I know( but in time, you will feel better). I fished my words to her. Leaving my best friend with a smile on her face, as she gave me one last hug.I know my father was waiting, as he made a small smirk on his face as Iknow how I feel.” I guess letting go, is harder than you think.” He said,as my mother agreed, what he said. “Friends are something more than the  sun outside.” She quoted him. “It does though to.” He said, as he was looking straight at me, as I was heading back to the truck. With my dad getting in the truck-getting it started, as when I got in.My brother was putting a movie in, in his portable dvd player.( Saw 1).Me I put on my seat belt, and grab my ipod( out of my left(  blue jean shorts). Hooking up my headphones to it, as I turn on  the song by Korn- Word Up. With my father backing out of the driveway, and said this for the last time( when were leaving the street). ” Here we go guys.” He says happy, as I look back ( waving to my friend, one last time).  She was smiling at waving goodbye to me, as it was like- shehas died( and I will never seen her again. So I turn back around, and looked out of the window( and listen- to my heavy metal music). As like everything in time, has now come to this. It was a long drive to Pennsylvania from georgia.’ Like the roadis long, as traffic is insane around us, passing by Big Cities alongthe way.’ With my brother, sleeping 5 hours later on the way.With my mother and father, talking to each other along the way. As likeeverything felt normal again. As upon the long road, everything will change soon. Sooner and-later, we will be in our new home.’ It’s a nighttime drive to, wegot more than 12 hours yet. Feel’s good to leave the old City toa new one.’ I feel fresh already. I closed my eye’s, as I could seea good future ahead of us. As Nothing bad will happen to us; to our new home. I feel good already.( Next morning).I awaken in the truck, with my father still driving on the road.- As wewere in the state finally. We were about 1 hour away finally, i’ve kindof yawn( as I awaken up). My father looks at me- from the mirror, fromthe truck. “Sleep good?” He said to me quiet.I kind of hum as a yes,”I did, how long are we gonna be there?” I said-to him, kind of tired but awake at the same time. ” Not to long, were about 30 minutes away actually. “Really!” I said kind of surprise, as I awaken my brother.” Do what?” He said, kind of perks up a bit.  “Were about there, we are 30 minutes away.” I said to him.” Wow, I wish my other brother was  here with us, but he made his-trip to heaven.” He said kind of happy. Which that kind of left me and my dad, with my mother awaken- what he said.