The it actually was probably the best choice

The legend, the god, the one and only, skt faker. Lee Sang-hyeok or more commonly known as faker, was born on May 7th 1996 in South Korea’s capital, Seoul. Being raised by a single parent, his father, faker always loved video games and puzzles, his love and passion for games led him to the very popular moba game called league of legends in late 2011. He soon became very good at the game, and a professional South Korean team noticed his skill. This team was SK Telecom aka skt, they recruited Faker to their elite team, though faker was currently starting high school at the time, and whether or not going pro was a tough choice, but Faker being Faker, he accepted, dropped out of high school and joined SK Telecom in 2013. Although many people think that dropping out of high school to play games is stupid, it actually was probably the best choice faker would ever make. Faker makes over 3 million dollars a year and that is a munificent estimation, and that’s not including sponsorships, advertisements, prize pools from championships, and higher paying teams that have attempted to recruit faker to their team. Faker wasn’t just recruited fortuitously by skt, they choose him because of his amazing skills, mechanics, passion, dedication and his ability to accrue and adapt. Soon championships, and qualifiers rolled around, and he did not disappoint, he led his team to his first world championships in October 2013. At the time, most people did not know about skt’s new member, and this was their covert weapon. In the qualifier championships, he made a name for himself, perfectly outplaying against other strong enemies, most noteworthy being his outplay of KT Rolster. His insane skills and daring performances made this championship, one of the most iconic moments in his career, and in league of legends history. After tearing through the competition, they won their first world championship in 2013. The bedlam that was created after his remarkable skills were incredible, and he was soon crowned the number one player in the world. They returned home to South Korea and continued to dominate in seasons, and tournaments. Doing the impossible, faker’s team had a perfect season, going undefeated. They began to protrude, and were seen as a entire league above pro, they were god like. Although they had a great start to the season, it would seem that they would make it to championships, but unfortunately every legend has it’s downs, they had back to back defeats in the spring and summer seasons of 2014 and they unfortunately never made it to world championships in 2014. Though every cloud has a silver lining, and changes were made, they split their sister teams and merged them as one, and a few members left skt. With a new team, they swept through the 2015 games, alternating faker with some other members, having them sub in for each other between some games. Though this provocative strategy made faker upset, he felt happy yet sad that his team was winning, but they were winning without him. At the invitational finals of 2015 Faker was not starting out, but instead was on the bench, and watched his team go against easyhoon, a member of the opposing team that faker had infamously struggled against. Down by 1 game with their backs against the wall, Faker was swapped in for the 4th game. To most superficial people, it seemed that Skt was going to loose, but after coming so far, faker said nope. After tieing it up, they forced it to go into the 5th game, and after a rigorous battle, they lost. It was a heartbreaking defeat, after making an amazing comeback, playing so well, and being so close to victory, they lost. Though they weren’t out of the competition, since they ranked so high in the invitationals, they were still able to go to 2015 world championships. Which they ended up winning, this was faker’s second world victory. They continued to hone their skills when they got home, faker actually practices over 16 hours a day, he is so sedentary when he practices, that often times he only gets up to eat and sleep. This payed off as they also won the 2016 world championship tournament. Faker and his one of his teammates, bengi were the only two people to have 3 world championships under their belt in league of legends history. So why not shoot for a fourth? After hard work, and training they qualified for 2017 championships. Though they unfortunately did not play at their best, they got stomped losing 3 to 0. Despite the losses, faker is still determined to stay on top, practicing 16 hours a day every day. He is and will be the greatest league of legends player of all time.