The ho, ho wrapper at her, which I

The Novel, speak is written by Laurie Halse Anderson.
Melinda Sordino is the main character in the book “Speak” and also acts like a
narrator because the reader gets all the information from her about other
characters. Melinda is a 14-year-old who is starting her freshman year at
Merryweather High School. Melinda was raped at an end of summer party by Andy
Evans, Melinda then called the police because she was physically assaulted, but
she left before the police came. Everyone now thinks Melinda called the police
to get them in trouble. The three archetypes chosen for the novel were called
to adventure, meeting with the mentor and the return.


Melinda has a call to adventure which is a typical feature
of the archetypical in a hero’s life. Melinda lives with her parents in New
York City. Melinda gets ready for school and is waiting for the bus to start
the adventure in a new place with new people and the whole different
environment from when she was in middle school. “It is my first morning of high
school. The school bus wheezes to my corner. The door opens, and I step up. I
am the first pickup of the day” (Anderson 3), says Melinda. A guy behind
Melinda throws a ho, ho wrapper at her, which I am pretty sure what someone
older than a grade 9 does because she is a freshman and is fresh bait. Melinda
reached to school and no one talks to her, not even Rachel Bruin, who is her
ex-best friend “I hate you” mouths Rachel (Anderson 5). Melinda is a quiet
person but talks when she needs to. Melinda gets to class and meets a new
person, “I’m Heather from Ohio, she says “I’m new here. Are you?”. I think the
author added a character like Heather who is the opposite of Melinda, this
point is farther proved because Heather tries to gain popularity by joining the
Martha’s, unlike Melinda who I an outcast and doesn’t want to be popular. Like
Melinda Heather had no friends until they met each other. (Anderson 5)

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Melinda met a mentor which is a typical feature of the
archetypical in a hero’s life. He not only helped her but became someone
Melinda can safely trust. In this story, Mr. Freeman was Melinda’s mentor who
taught her to see things/ understand them in a different point of view. For
example, when he asked the class, “Can anyone tell me what this is? “he asks).
Someone said, “a globe?”, “Was it an expensive sculpture that some kid dropped,
and he had to pay for it out of his own money or they didn’t let him graduate?”
asks another (Anderson 11). Mr. Freeman sighs. “No imagination. What are you,
thirteen? Fourteen? You’ve already let them beat your creativity out of you!
(Anderson11) This is an old globe I used to let my daughters kick around my
studio when it was too wet to play outside. One-day Jenny put her foot right
through Texas, and the United States crumbled into the sea. And voila- an idea!
This broken ball could be used to express such powerful visions- you could
paint a picture of it with people fleeing from the hole, with a wet-muzzled dog
chewing Alaska- the opportunities are endless. It’s almost too much, but you
are important enough to give it to.” (Anderson 11/12). Mr. Freeman allowed her
to stay in his room as soon as matters became very difficult for her. He pushes
her to show greater than what’s visible in her head and express it using art.
Her artwork throughout the book shows the growth in her healing. ” Mr.
Freeman thinks I need to find my emotions”(Anderson 125)



Melinda returned home which is a typical feature of the
archetype in a hero’s life. Melinda tries to tell her ex-friend that she was
raped and to stay away from Andy Evans.

Melinda:” I didn’t call the cops to break the party, I
called them because some guy raped me under the trees, I didn’t know what to do
I was stupid and drunk and I didn’t know what was happening and then he raped

Rachel: “Oh my god, I am so sorry, why didn’t you tell me?
(Anderson 183)

As a result, everyone turns on Andy Evans. Melinda returns
home feeling good about herself. Melinda is now relieved and feels good that
now she has her old friends back, everyone accepts her, and she saved Rachel
from Andy Evans (IT).




In Conclusion, after that she was raped, Melinda had started
her freshman year with a negative start because she had no friends except
Heather and was an outcast with getting hate from everyone. Melinda slowly
started to recover from that horrific party, and told Rachel about what Andy Evans did, so Rachel doesn’t
go through what Melinda had to. Melinda finished her year with getting
the biggest secret/fear of her chest and becoming positive and getting her old
friends back.