The customers to the store as they can

The Emporio Armani store in Paris, France also
brings an important aspect of retail store design and its effect on retail
space. The interior design was crafted by Master Giorgio Armani and Claudio
Silvestrin with the help of other architects. The architects aimed at creating
weightlessness in the structure to help enhance the beauty of the shop. The
interior of the retail store contains thin paper walls that can morph into
shelving or open up into connecting paths within the building. This move helped
in minimizing the space needed for exhibition while creating a superb scene for
display of products across the room. This arrangement helped increase the
retail space giving more room and space for clients to walk around and search
for their products. The interior is also painted white with various shelves
located at strategic places to blend in with the natural light that covers the
retail store. The reflection of the light on the white walls and shelves help
create a serene space for shopping. This design gives a long lasting memory to
clients who access the shops. The glass ceiling also is professional designed
and strategically located to improve the luminance of the buildings.  Furthermore, the store has portable shelves
that ease the arrangement work and improving the retail space. Claudio designs
the retail store windows to create an outstanding view of the products. He uses
the light on the windows to allow a better view of the products. Furthermore,
the edges of the windows have installed flashlights that blink creating an
attractive picture of the retail space. The display used help attract customers
to the store as they can see some Giorgio Armani products that are in the
vicinity of the business. This move promotes visual mechanizing as the displays
are attractive.

The Claudio Silvestrin design help creates a
trademark architectural design for Armani stores worldwide. These designs
enhance the beauty of the retail store and create more appealing retail space
that allows the business to maintain its global position.  The architect and the fashion designer have
collaborated many times to ensure they create quality stores that meet the
standard and expectation of clients across the globe

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