The aspects, like the occurrence of ID, ego

The Black Swan is a psychological horror film that juxtaposes the harrowing with the beautiful. It presents the story of Nina Sayers, a obsessed perfectionist whose life’s sole purpose is ballet. Agitation rises when she is unable to portray the role of the Black Swan. The film expresses diversified psychological aspects, like the occurrence of ID, ego and superego. The Black Swan is a perfect fit for the use of Sigmund Freud’s psychoanalytic theory. The super-ego reflects the guidance and influence that is applied by our parents. This is presented through Mrs.Sayers, Nina’s mother. During the film, her mother is continuously controlling Nina and wiring her brain to eat, think and breathe ballet. Instead of drilling the idea of becoming the “perfect” dancer into her brain, Mrs.Sayers should have been teaching Nina to use dance as a way of expressing her inner emotions, thoughts and feelings. Her mother is preventing Nina from becoming her own independent woman and living freely. This ambition then leads Nina to project figments of her imagination. The ID is the muddled part of the personality that holds our basic human instincts. It is the source of our bodily needs, wants, desires, and impulses, particularly our sexual and aggressive drives. The reason Nina was incapable of playing the Black Swan was mainly because of the way she was raised which forced her to apprehend sex as morally wrong. The idea of the role being erotic was something that was foreign to her. In this case, Nina’s teacher was the one to open her world to sensual things. Her teacher was the aspect of Nina’s subconscious that longed for her to let go and to use her sexuality to enhance her performance. The ego is the organized part of the personality that balances the other two principles. When Nina was told her friend, Lily, was perfect for the Black Swan, Nina was determined to be the best. The role of Swan Queen meant more to herself than her own mental well-being. Nina sees herself in Lily at many points in the film and starts to envy Lily’s free-spirit and affection that the teacher has for her. No one seemed to notice the way Nina lacked the ability to desert perfectionism to improve her emotional state. Nina began to transform into a black swan physically and mentally which led to the descent into psychotic tendencies. She became so mesmerized by the beauty of it that she failed to remember the psychotic idea behind it. In her mission to perform both roles perfectly, she experiences the thrill of both the White Swan and Black Swan. Thriving to try and please everyone else throughout her whole life, she finally accomplished that with her last performance. Her last words were, “I was perfect.” Nina was able to die as the White Swan because of the insanity of her obsession for perfection.