The allows me to adapt to the fast

The breath taking sight
of sunrise after climbing 4095 metres high on the Mount Kinabalu still remain
vividly in my memory. It was a one of a kind experience which brings to my
realization of what hard work leads to and encouraged me to embrace challenges
with determination. I have applied these spirit into my academic study as well
as career – continuing and determined steps, which steadily and assuredly,
enhance my knowledge and skills.

Though I have not been formally
educated in business, my interest in this area first aroused after working for
my father who being an accomplished and passionate businessman inspired me to
walk down this path. During the period working for him, I have been exposed to
various aspects of how a successful business operates in the whole. It pushed
me to wanting to learn more about the world of business and to build up
foundation knowledge essential to becoming a professional businessman.

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During my undergraduate
studies, I have not only focus on my academic development but also participated
in various extracurricular activities as I believe these could broaden my
experience and enhance skills that otherwise could not be obtained from
academics. In my undergraduate years, I participated in various activities as
volunteers, committee members and also represented our department in sports
festivals. Through these activities, I was able to improve my leadership and
teamwork skills which is essential if I am to achieve my goal of running my own
business. After three years of study in university, I became an intern at a
telecommunication company in the employee engagement department. From the
internship experience, I was not only exposed to a great deal of how a large
scale corporation operates as a whole but also developed communication skills
which are of utmost importance in the business industry.

Although financial
rewards are of practical importance, personal satisfaction also plays a vital
role in my career decision. I believe the opportunity to grow and learn
continually is what lays the foundation of job satisfaction. Thus, I always
enjoy working with new challenges and acquiring skills and information which
allows me to adapt to the fast pace world. One of the personal development that
I am currently doing is learning computer programming on my own using various
resources online as I recognize that it is an important skill especially in
this era where everything is moving towards digitalization. In addition to
that, I enjoy reading a lot, from news to novels. It is a way of keeping myself
updated with the constant, exciting development in the world.

I am very keen to study
at the University of Newcastle as it is a very well regarded and established
university. I believe that with the worldwide recognize course in International
Business could broaden my knowledge and perspective in the field of business. The
international reputation of the department attracts such a variety of students
that I believe will create a stimulating environment for postgraduate study.
The excellent working and recreation facilities are also what interest me in
studying here as it demonstrates your commitment to providing great atmosphere
to students pursuing higher education at the university. I look forward to
studying with the university which I believe could help me fulfil my goal. Following
the masters course, I would either return to help expand the family business or
possibly launch a business of my own with the knowledge and skills gained from
the course.