The all after the thirteenth amendment abolished slavery

Black History Month title was known to all after the thirteenth amendment
abolished slavery in the United States. In the latter part of the year of 1915
Carter G Woodson and minister Jesse E Moorland founded a black organization
called the Association for the Study of Negro Life and History(ASNLH). Carter G
Woodson had earned his Master’s degree and a Ph.D. from Harvard, both centered
toward history. After years of reading about how all the blacks were left out
and unrecognized for all the deeds they have done to shape the United States he
decided to start up this foundation. The organization would encourage the
healthy studying of black accomplishments and celebrate their work.

 It is known today as the Study of African
American Life and History(ASNLH) and this group sponsored a national Negro
History week in 1926 during the second week of February to relate it to the
birthdays of Abraham Lincoln and Frederick Douglass. After many years of mayors
of various cities proclaiming and recognizing Negro History Week it became more
respected. In the late 1960’s with much help of the Civil Rights Movement,
Negro History Week transformed in Black History month.

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Frederick Douglass, born as a slave in the
year 1811, was a center piece of the black voices that spoke for us. The young
man was an escaped slave who used his story and his heart to express himself.
Most people would consider him one of the great anti-slavery activists. His
powerful words made him an influential speaker and, in the focus of slavery, it
was magnified. Being an icon of his time, we can all consider him not just as a
humanitarian who stood up with others in our movement, but a nudging voice in
all our battles to this day.

Abraham Lincoln who was a part of the
senate during his time despite some beliefs was a man of honor. We read that he
made steps to ensure the freedom and equality of the black man, He too started
to speak about racism and signed one of the most important documents that
changed history as a we know it. He would use his new-found knowledge to argue
for slavery to be eradicated all over. His candid work over the years helped
become a milestone for various steps to be taking throughout history. His many
speeches with his added approval from the black community tied him into this month