Summary of the Positions Free Essay Example

Position 1 The death penalty should be abolished because it is cruel and unusual Free Essay Example

The death penalty should be abolished because it:

  • Is a form of cruel and unusual punishment.
  • Violates the sanctity of life and is degrading to human dignity.
  • Is excessive given the option of life in prison without parole.
  • Takes away the criminal’s fundamental right to life.
  • Reinforces feelings of vengeance and hatred within society.
  • Provokes violence by having a biutalizing effect on society.
  • Is not consistent with contemporary standards of morality.
  • Diminishes us all by reducing us to the level of the murderer.
  • Adds to the number of people subjected to a brutal death and the number of innocent families who must endure the killing of a loved one.

Position 2 The death penalty should be abolished because it is unjustly applied.

The death penalty should be abolished until there is widespread reform of the criminal justice system because:

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  • It is implemented with racial and gender biases.
  • The poor are less likely to have good legal counsel and are therefore more likely than the rich to be executed for similar crimes.
  • It is often applied on the basis of the perceived worth of the defendant and the victim as opposed to on the basis of the severity of the crime itself.
  • It is unjustly applied to minors, those who were juveniles at the time their crimes were committed, the mentally retarded, and the insane.
  • It is used disproportionately in some areas of the U.S., meaning that the equally deserving are not punished equally.
  • There is always the possibility of executing the innocent.

Position 3 The death penalty should be retained because justice requires it.

The death penalty should be retained in states where it already exists and reinstated where it has been abolished because:

  • Some crimes are so hideous that those who perform them deserve the death penalty.
  • Justice requires punishment in dirt proportion to the severity of the criminal offense.
  • In protecting its citizens from harm, the state is justified in using capital punishment as a means of social defense.
  • It expresses society’s moral outrage at suffering inflicted upon the innocent.

Position 4 The death penalty should be retained and made easier to implement because it serves a useful purpose.

The death penalty should be retained and made easier to implement because:

  • It deters crime.
  • In order for it to be a more effective deterrent its use must be swift and certain.
  • Py making it difficult to execute criminals in an attempt to protect their rights, we have ignored the rights of victims.
  • Allowing for years of costly appeals delays justice and undermines confidence in the system.
  • The long waiting period on death row prolongs the anguish for everyone involved and renders an otherwise just punishment cruel and unusual.
  • It is better to risk injustice by executing the guilty than by failing to prevent the deaths of the innocent.