Stress stress. Episodic stress comes from worrying about

Stress through time has been a factor in the lives of people. Many of us at one point in time have come face to face with stress. Feeling so overwhelmed with emotions and in the end stuck feeling hopeless. Illness, loss of jobs, and death are a few events that can cause stress. Stress is so much more than just a feeling. If all of these events all cause stress but do not affect us in the same ways. Nothing less it is possible to have a good life while dealing with stress, the first thing you you need to do is understand the different types of stress, recognize the benefits of stress, and maintaining a balanced life. Stress on an individual is difficult to understand but maintaining your stress can give you power and resilience. Its is important to understand the different types of stress, in order to gain resilience in life and with stress. There are three different types of stress acute, episodic and chronic. Acute stress results from major traumatic events (Kivi, Healthline). Acute stress is much different than chronic stress. Episodic stress comes from worrying about things that may even not be necessary (Anderson, APA).  Manly coming from certain events or situations that trigger stressors. Different than the other types of stress chronic stress affects the body and the mind (Baum, APA). Crippling people leaving them with nothing. Acknowledging  these varying types of stress will help an individual maintain stress. Not only are there different types of stress there are physical and emotional stress, which will have different outcomes too.Stress comes in all forms and with that stress has different effects. The human body reacts to stress in its own way and recognizing those ways is beneficial (Robinson, HelpGuide). Certain types of stress affects different systems of the body. Chronic stress mostly has physical long term effects. But there are also emotional effects to stress. Some of these include unhappiness, anxiety, anger, overwhelmed and much more (Robinson, HelpGuide).  And it is not left at the emotional effects there are many physical effects to stress on ones body. Aches, pains, sickness, chest pain and rapid heart rate, diarrhea or constipation all symptoms of stress on the body(Robinson, HelpGuide). Recognizing when you are stressed can be very beneficial to ones well being. Learning how to recognize the stress will be the hard part. Upon symptoms of stress learning how to take advantage if them and manage them can have numerous health benefits(Mayo Clinic Staff, Mayo Clinic). Even though you are stressed there are ways to manage your stress, and the stress can be good for you. Regular physical activity, relaxation techniques, such as deep breathing, meditation, yoga,  or getting a massage. Even socializing with family and friends as we as setting aside time for hobbies (Mayo Clinic Staff, Mayo Clinic). Exercise can help with managing your stress in a positive way. There are also multiple different exercise activities to participate in. Not only exercise but keeping a healthy social life is important, also staying involved with activities you enjoy is beneficial to helping stress. Using inactive activities to manage stress can worsen your stress in the long run(Mayo Clinic Staff, Mayo Clinic). Avoiding lazy activities is important too, obviously a person gets nothing done if they sit on their phone and do nothing all day. Which if you make a habit of participating in these lazy activates in the long run you will be a loser. Stress can be maintained. There are a number of long-term strategies that can be used to maintain your stress(Mountain State, NA). Lifestyle changes and being aware of your stressors will be an important way to maintain stress. In addition to treating your body well and learning how to manage the physical symptoms of stress, changing your mental attitude and your lifestyle can help minimize stress (Mountain State, NA). Being aware of your body’s physical symptoms is important to maintaining your stress. Major life changes such as the death of loved ones, financial difficulties, moves or divorces, are bound to cause a person stress(Mountain State, NA). Life changes are a major part of stress, life is a roller coaster and facing the difficulties of it are hard. It can not be avoided but you can learn to manage it.Stress can have positive aspects in life. Every emotion exists for a reason, stress through evolution, so of course it must offer some kind of benefit(Knowlton, Health Guidance).Stress is a positive things in aspects because without it who knows what things would be like, life would be so much different.  Stress can make as person resilient.  Resilience does mean avoided stress and adversity; it means have the ability to persevere and continue to function effectively despite failures, setbacks, and losses (LPHI, Build Resilience Cope with Stress). Resilience to stress does not just come naturally despre failures you must continue.When you manage stress its beneficial to people. Stress prepares you for battle, pumping you up, increasing levels of success, and keeping you alive(Susan David, Harvard Business Review). Stress Management can have multiple benefits to your life. In conclusion Stress is not fun, and it can leave people feeling like nothing. But together we all can work towards a stress free life.