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Should a candidate running for Presidency have served?When talking about America most people think of fourth of July, the flag flying high andfootball. There are places to have fun such as amusement parks, festivals and parties. Enjoyableamenities that we have available in this land are not available to other lands. In America wehave so many freedoms that other countries are not as fortunate to have. We have had and stilldo to this day have many soldiers fighting in war. We celebrate the remembrance veterans lost.But when picking someone to control this great country of ours, it is not an easy decision. Tochoose a person who can manage their personal life on top of all the responsibility that comeswith the task. We all want our leader to love this country. To have a history of serving andprotecting. A person could argue that it should only take the knowledge of the mandatory skillsto operate the White House, but they should also have some experience beyond therequirements it takes to get the job. But if a man or woman was to be a candidate and haveserved time in our military, army or navy; not only would it give them respect for our peoplebut have a sense of pride to say they have fought for our freedom and their own. They wouldknow what its like to have a true love for this country and have the right to tell someone elsethat they should serve as well.Many have talked about it being mandatory for all citizens to serve in war. To have spenttime fighting for the flag with blood spilled. Many also believe women and men of the age havea duty to respect the place we live in and fight for it.” The federal law that can bemanipulated in a case by case basis states that the minimum age for enlistment inthe United States military is 17 (with parental consent) and 18 (without parentalconsent). The maximum age is 35. However, Department of Defense policy allowsthe individual services to specify the maximum age of enlistment based upon theirunique requirements. The Air Force tends to have an older upper limit forenlistment, whereas the Marine Corps’ cutoff age is younger than the otherbranches of the service.”Since the legal age limit to enlist has always been eighteen or seventeen but with a parent’sconsent: when your eighteen years old, it can seem like the honorable thing to do is step updefend our country with pride. At that age most kids want to get out and see the world,experience things outside of their comfort level. Like Now some know from the time they arelittle that they want to grow and be a soldier, but others feel it’s a choice you make when youare older. There are so many options when choosing to serve. I feel it shouldn’t be mandatorythat it’s a right to choose when and if you want to. I think it is a different story for a person whowanted to be president. I don’t feel they should have to have a time frame of how long theyserved but if they have enlisted and fought for this country they are wanting to run. That theyhave a history of knowing what its like to see things from the common man point of view andwhat it means to be an American.Currently not, everyone knows how to defend themselves. With gun control being anissue and constant violence, the president should know how to use those skills learned fromservice to be able to not only protect himself, but teach the youth that its important to standup for yourself. Raising up the adolescent youth to look up to adults is very important. They arethe future and if they have excellent role models then that’s what they will become. So, if weteach them to have dignity, pride, honor and respect; we will have generations after us who willcontinue to fight for the flag. But if someone said, “Why should I have to fight, the presidentdidn’t”, then we really couldn’t blame them. So, at that point we wouldn’t have too manypeople enlisting and fighting for our freedom. If it came to that point the bad guys could comein and do as they please, nobody would feel safe. So, should it be mandatory for a candidate tohave served in the military before being able to become president, yes. The requirement as ofnow to be in line are Under the terms of the United States Constitution, someone who wants tobecome the president of America must be a natural born United States citizen who is at least 35years old and who has lived as a resident of the US for 14 years. These are the only legalrequirements for the position, but many people have many expectations of presidential candidateswhich could be considered informal requirements. Additionally, anyone wanting to run for presidentmust have access to very large sums of money, as a campaign costs a great deal of money.” I feelthese are well rounded must, but they should also add a few things.I want a president who is steadfast, well educated, consistent and most importantlyloves America. One is willing to put their own life on the line for it. So that means if theywouldn’t even serve in war, why would they risk themselves for their people. Of course, onecould argue that they have secret service with them 24/7 to protect them and take down anykind of threat. When an incident does occur, and the president must make his decision. I feel itshould come from a man who has been in that position of combat. I would feel more confidentin his choices knowing that he has served time in the military like he is a part of history made. Ina potential situation where if people looked up to the man in charge of the country who hasnever been a soldier just refuse to go to battle and have no skills to fight back. We would justlive in a world where the criminals rule. Its sad to think of all the lives lost in war, but it’s thevery reason we celebrate veteran’s day to honor their remembrance and we have the freedomthat we do. To make choices, all the amendments written which ring true and be able to gowhere we want to. To live the American dream. Other nations are not so lucky. They fight witheach, let alone their enemies.It takes the bravest kind of human being to put others before themselves. To go outblindly not knowing what will happen, sometimes leaving everything behind is a very scarysituation as I can only imagine. As a woman and a mother, I would never want to be faced withthat kind of surroundings. But the men and women who do fight for our freedom will neverknow what their sacrifices mean. When the president is running a country, and can say he haswent side by side with his brothers in battle, then he could potentially be the president of theUnited States. He should take into consideration that he has people following his moves, heneeds to know how to defend himself and when having said he has served in the military he willbe a true American.